18 days to Destiny

DYD Car magnetD-Code Your Destiny Launches:

I’m pumped because there’s only 18 days to the launch of  D-Code Your Destiny. Choosing who to invite to this exclusive event was difficult. I have met a lot of wonderful people along my journey, so it was hard to choose those who made the biggest impact on me.  The invites are out and it promises to be an amazing night.

(Website coming soon)

Expect Fun and Discovery from DYD:

Unlike other launches, where the speech focuses on the business, book or whatever, this launch will be focused on the guests. They will experience what happens at my Psychic Home Parties. Of course, I will explain the services of the business, but overall there will be maximum guest participation.  I will share with everyone the intuitive tool they use every day, but are unaware of. They will even get to use it there and then at the party.   They will be the first to have free access to the D-Code Your Destiny (DYD) Club, where they can get Destiny Colorscopes weekly…which will also help them to understand their soul’s  messages.

The After Party:

As this business is about turning the  seriousness of (self-development, personal development and a spiritual path) into a fun, memorable, and exciting journey, the after party has to follow that theme.  Forget getting a sip of champagne to toast the business, there will be tons of food, drink, music and dancing to launch D-Code Your Destiny like a skyrocket.

D-Code Your Destiny Goals

This unique business focuses on three main goals

  1. D-Code – Discover your destiny
  2. Design – Have the tools to design a path to get there easily and effortlessly
  3. Destiny – Live a life of passion and expand your destiny beyond your wildest dreams

Something to Think About

Every lifetime has three destiny points.  Find out what they are and how to make the most of them in the next blog.  Sign up to get future blog posts by clicking the link below.  Be sure to scroll down the page so you can get direct access to blog sign up.


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