A Writer’s Retreat

Galahs at MallacootaOne of the most difficult things as a writer is to keep up the inspiration for your stories, articles or blogs. I often plan my vacations around a partial writer’s retreat. For my most recent vacation I was looking for something that would inspire me while writing the second novel in my series. Arkrealm The Abduction. The Arkrealm series is all about a group of environmental superheroes who are training their first human apprentice, Sandy Miller. Obviously, the best inspiration would come from a natural environment and I found the perfect place in Mallacoota.

At Adobe Mudbrick Flats, the accommodation was rustic and tranquil. No fancy hotel frills, just a good honest, natural environment with inspiration in bucket loads. If you love nature you will enjoy the video from  our wonderful hosts Peter and Margaret, just click on the photo of the galahs above to go straight to the video. For writers this is a wonderful retreat. I realize it’s often a struggle for writers but you will not believe the fantastic rates this couple offer.

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