“About Time” Making You Think

About timeOn Friday night I attended a fund-raising event organized by  friends for the Cancer Foundation. It featured the movie About Time. I had no idea what the movie was going to be about, so when it turned out to be a thought provoking flick I was surprised and elated.  The theme of  About Time is:

What If Every Moment in Life Came With a Second Chance?

It got me thinking of what I would go back and re-do to change the outcome and there were many moments that flashed into my mind. I think most of us have looked back at our lives and thought, I wonder what would have happened if I had done this, instead of that? What if I’d  chosen him/her instead? What if I reacted differently to that situation? Have you wished you could turn back the clock to re-do a moment to improve the outcome. . .just like in the movie?

My instant reaction to the storyline was to think of the moments in life  I’d re-do if I had the opportunity.  However as the movie’s message became clear I started to think of all the things that would be different in my life if I had changed just one of those moments. Perhaps my life would be better, perhaps worse, definitely different, but I seriously doubt I’d be sitting here talking to you.

On reflection I realized I could not have reacted differently or made different judgements without the life lessons I have behind me now. Even if I did re-do a moment would the others involved react differently or would the outcome be the same. In hindsight although the idea of a re-do is intriguing, in truth, I think we are all supposed to be right where we are right now. It’s how we choose to progress that will make the difference to our life in the future.

To all those involved with the movie, About Time, well done.  I thought it was a brilliant piece of writing that encouraged reflection and was spiced with humour and romance. I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.




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