Activity That Makes You Shine

Dancing Transformed Me. What Transforms You?

As a teenager, I experienced the typical identity crisis young adults often go  through. Before I started dancing, I’d lie on the couch in a sleeping bag  and complain about being bored. I was actuaDee (dance The Fox)lly depressed, which wasn’t identified at the time. Of course, as time went on I gained weight and went from  looking like a slug lying in my sleeping bag to more like a seal in a sleeping bag.  I felt more and more negative about how I looked and who I was.

Friends dragged me along to a dancing class. I looked at the dancers and teachers with  awe, but never imagined I could do what they did. I tried all the styles offered: Ballroom, Latin and eventually ended up on the stage. I was so passionate about dancing that I dedicated all my spare time to it and the kilos melted off.

Dancing offered more than that though, I had very little confidence in my appearance and as for my personality I thought that was even worse. What I did realize though was that when dancers performed they turned into beautiful creatures. Their love and passion shone through their eyes, moved through their body and touched audiences. Much to my disbelief it happened to me to and suddenly I had males seeking my company. Before I started dancing boys took no interest in me what so ever.

This transformation happens to anyone who enjoys what they do and that’s why it is so important to try different activities so that you find the one that makes you shine.

Is There An Activity That Has Transformed Your Life?

If there is please leave your story below.

Young Adult Opportunity

For Young Adults there is a new website especially for you, where you have the opportunity to  become part of the new YA blogging community at

Leave a short story in the Activity Portal about what has transformed your life  and you may end up having your whole story included in the new Blogroll for young adults.

Arkrealm Challenge

You may like to think about having a go at the current Arkrealm Challenge, which is focused on  beating childhood and teenage obesity.  Even if you are not in that age group you may find some inspiration. Take a look at the fun video attachment while you’re there.

I hope this post gave you lots to think about,


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