Battling Batons


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1 – Battling Batons

Thump! The vibration from the clash of wooden batons vibrated right through Ben, all the way down to his boots. He stood his ground on the dusty red plain and lifted his baton slamming it towards his opponent’s shoulder. Samuel blocked it, swept his baton down and spun backwards with flare.  

What the hell? Sam’s never been that fast, thought Ben.  

“What’s the matter, mate?” said Samuel. “Did you think you could just beat me as usual?” He lunged towards Ben his baton swiping towards the elemental’s brow line. Ben jumped back and felt the wind force as the wood whistled past his forehead. He lowered to his knees and powered the baton towards the side of Samuel’s right thigh. Samuel lunged sideways to avoid the blow.

Perspiration trickled down Ben’s face, his mind racing.  Sam’s not letting me beat him today.  Ben scooted backwards to recoup.  “Sam, you’ve had a bit of practice. I wondered why you changed the fight today to battling batons. ”

Sam looked stern. “I’m sick of taking the blame for you losing your girlfriends, Ben.”

“You’re sick of it? I’m sick of you stealing my girlfriends. You’re my best friend, how can you live with yourself?”

“I live with myself fine, and this is the end of the road. I’m not going to let you use me as a punching bag anymore.”

“You actually think you can stop me from beating you to a pulp right now.” Ben thrust forward and pushed the baton straight into Samuel’s abdomen.”

Samuel doubled over. “I know,” he spluttered, “that beating me up makes you feel better, but you’re not learning anything from your mistakes, Ben.”

“My biggest mistake is having you as a best friend,” Ben sliced the baton towards Samuel’s hunched over shoulders.

Samuel uncoiled and his hand shot out to stop the forceful baton. Ben knew the action must have hurt like blazes, but his opponent didn’t flinch.

“You have to listen to me, Ben, or our friendship is over.”

Ben stared into Samuel’s steely eyes. “You’ve got one minute, before I knock your block off.”

“I never steal your girlfriends, Ben, they dump you and then they come to me.”

Ben slammed the baton into the ground.  “I’ve heard all your lies before. You sabotage my relationships somehow. The girls give me the sympathetic look and I know it’s coming … I’m sorry, Ben, but I can’t stay with you, I’m crazy about Sam, or something to that affect.” 

            “We’re both passionate, Ben, but you’re like a bush fire, fast and furious, and I’m more of a slow burn. You’re just a bit too intense for them.”


            A chime rang and a holograph appeared between the two arguing elementals. “Holomail  delivery for Benjamin Reed and Samuel Phillips,” said a sweet voice. “Place your right hand on the holograph for identification please.”

            Ben and Sam walked to either side of the holograph and held up their hand and the message went straight into their sub-conscious.

            Dear Light Being,

            It is a privilege to announce that you are one of the chosen elementals from every corner of the globe to attend the first Arkrealm conference. For the last century a team of scientists and environmental research specialists have been investigating the possibility of inhabiting another dimension in an effort to save Earth’s environment. All their hard work has paid off; we are now ready to inhabit the eleventh dimension, which has been named Arkrealm.

You are invited to attend the conference at Sugar Peak in Cassiels, Victoria, Australia. 11.00am on the 11th of November. Members from all continents are welcome. For transportation from continents outside Australasia please contact the Arkrealm Council by holomail on 111111111.    

            The holograph vanished and Ben and Sam stood staring at one another. “Were you invited?” Sam finally asked.

            Ben nodded. “Are you going?”

             “Of course, we’ll go together, hey?”

            Ben nodded again. “Why not!”

            As always with the two friends the argument was forgotten instantly.

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