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Do You Relate To The Housemates Weaknesses?

Naturally, the producers of Big Brother Australia picked a bunch of dynamic characters to inhabit the BB house. Of course they picked beauty and brawn, but they also picked weaknesses in character that we can all relate to. I’ve always tried to encourage people to accept and embrace who they are and how they look, but we all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others.

As the Big Brother journey unfolded we have seen that face value is not always the truth of the matter. I just wanted to take a quick look at some of the housemates and how their weaknesses/strengths have charmed a nation.

Tim: My personal favourite. Without him I feel the house would be lackluster. Some think he is just a trouble maker, but I find he brings out deeper levels in the housemates and is the most entertaining in the house. I also find his weaknesses endearing as it is obvious that his flamboyant exterior doesn’t match his confidence internally. We have all seen how physically he feels lacking compared to many of the other buffed-up males in the house. When it comes to nominations I’m always keen to hear what he says because he’s just so open. I loved the way Tim didn’t let the fact that he liked Boog distract him from his goal and he nominated Madaline to stay. He’s not relying on anyone.

Jade: She’s a stunning young woman so why does she lack confidence?  I think the audience was shocked to discover her vulnerability and that’s why she’s still around. People relate to her vulnerability.  Doesn’t it make you feel better knowing that a woman who looks like she’s got everything going for her can still lack self-esteem. Nobody is perfect.   Unfortunately, the more she chases Ed the less likely she is to get her knight in shining armour. If she played a little cooler and self-reliant I’m sure she’d have Ed clamoring for her attention.

Ben: He is a sweetie and I think most of Australia would wish the best for him, again they relate to his weaknesses. As much as I love Ben, I don’t think he deserves to win.  He has relied heavily on the other housemates to get him through. Big Brother is about fighting for your claim of the winner, not being carried on someone’s back to the finish line. He has had his funny moments though, and I like his impressions, but much of his entertaining moments have been seriously orchestrated by Big Brother.

Drew: I’m sure his dreamy eyes and crooked smile have won many hearts. I do feel it’s a shame that a lot of his journey has been spent with a rock around his neck. Firstly, Jade and then Tully. Poor guy never had the opportunity to stand on his own. I just love it when he gets with Tim and his entertainment value really shines through. He was great as a mime too. He has so much more to offer. His weakness is women, but I’m sure the audience relates to that too.

Ed: From the outside one would think that he doesn’t have a weakness. I feel his weakness is being too perfect. Not only in the looks department, but he dances around things trying to play the perfect housemate. He says he’s got cards up his sleeve, but I think he’s dreaming. His card is probably Jade and her vulnerability. We may find in the end that Ed is definitely not Mr. Perfect.

Mikayla: Of course dear Mikayla, not only has her weight struggles, like many of us, but she also has the need to keep control. This made her a target right from the get go with the housemates who found her irritating. As time has gone on though perhaps the public has come to relate to her self-esteem struggle. By keeping control of the external things around her Mikayla is trying to control her inner turmoil. How much time has she put into training George Clooney, another way to show her control.

Tehan: She has been touted as the mean girl.  Tehan’s bluntness definitely causes ruffles in the house. You have to admit though she has stood the test of time and has really done most of it on her own. She has had her fair share of criticism, which most people would crumble beneath. We all have to play on our strengths, she has used her beauty to her advantage with audiences, but still shown her vulnerability in the diary room, showing she is not such a tough cookie, emotionally. I like her determination, her stint in the ice bath proved she’s focused.  I definitely think she deserves credit that she didn’t latch on to a male in the house to get her through the journey, I’m sure any one of the guys would have been willing to accommodate her.

We should all take  a look at our own weaknesses: are they something that we want to rid ourselves of or are they the thing that makes us endearing to others?







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