Bridging the Generation Gap

Dear parents of teenagers,

I feel so much for you because I know how hard you try to do the best for your children. That’s why I’m here to help. Am I a psychologist? No.  Am I a school teacher? No. Am I university qualified? No. So, now that we’ve got that established let’s see what experience I do have. For twenty-five years I taught young adults to dance, I also  taught families, and  parents of teenagers, and they number in the thousands. After studying energy healing methods like Reiki, kinesiology and multiple forms of colour healing I also developed my own colour personality analysis called the Soul-Ark Colour System. It worked brilliantly with teenagers. It helped them understand who they were and what direction they felt they were passionate about. What also came out were the difficulties faced by the generation gap.

When I began writing my first novel, Arkrealm: The Apprentice, I aimed it at  young adults. One of my aims was to create a story which could transcend that gap. I gave all my characters colour personalities that would open up  discussions with its readers. My hope was that all members of the family would read the novel and begin to discuss the issues the different characters faced. I knew from experience that solving problems between the generation gap  needed a subtle approach, not an in-your-face demand, from either side of the gap. I felt by talking  about the Arkrealm story lines that personal issues would begin to show through as the reader related to the characters. I have been writing for thirteen years and I have always focused on the self-help genre.

Colour can help bridge the generation gap. It’s the one unifying thing in everybody’s’ life.

Imagine sitting around the table with your child and talking about the Arkrealm characters, asking which character they related to and why. The characters the teenagers liked the least and why. The patterns will be obvious and if you need more assistance you can visit Arkrealm’s Colour Central, where you can find out more about the colour personalities and how to handle them and get the best out of each personality. There is also colour healing techniques that  can change attitudes at a subtle level, and are not confrontational and no-one need know that the healing is being used, so it isn’t taken personally. If that doesn’t help you can go to the Help section of Colour Central and ask a direct question.

I would be so happy to help you, I want to see teenagers reaching their potential, their parents finding peace, and the world becoming a better place. The generation gap will never change, but the  way we handle it can.

Let’s get to know each other.


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