Challenges – Eat Them for Breakfast

Seeing Red

You’ve got an idea in your head.

You know where you want to take it.

You need some advice.

And you get it. Ugghh!lizardblizz


Have you ever noticed how people light up when they are telling you all the difficulties you are going to face if you attempt your dream? If I believed in the devil I would think that he was below these helpful individuals lighting them up with a flame just to take the mickey out of those who are trying to make positive changes.

Human Nature

The truth is, it is human nature and it’s what holds many of us back. It seems we are conditioned to look at future challenges like brick walls. The trouble is the niggling doubts that slow us down are triply reinforced by the people around us. Have you ever felt like you are climbing up a ladder and then three rungs fall out from under you and you’re hanging in mid-air. I certainly have.

Seeing Red

I had that exact experience just recently. At the end of the meeting I had two choices; give up on my idea, or eat the challenge for breakfast. I decided to have a Stockman’s breakfast with extra sides. There was no way that I would allow anything to drown out my dream. For a short time I saw red, thinking about how society seems to have come to a point where they are trying to hold back progress, but then I decided to do something different.

Wear Red

Anyone who has read Arkrealm The Apprentice or has come across a red personality on the Arkrealm Project website will know the colour red is about courage, strength and passion. With my dream in tatters I needed red energy by the bucket load. For a few days I studied the bureaucratic  red tape before me and subconsciously chose to wear red each day. After the third day of wearing red, not one of my favourite colour choices, it suddenly dawned on me. My soul was giving me the message. . .

“Don’t give up, be strong, confident and live by your passion”.

The Red’s Way

So rather than shrink into my sensitive violet personality, I shrugged off all the doubt, donned even more red and imagined myself as a red personality, like Blayze or Ridge from the Arkrealm novel. It only took me an hour to work out a way to turn all the future challenges into exciting prospects.

You can do the same. When facing a huge challenge turn to red.

Bye for now,


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