Clarity: The Key to Manifestation

Master clarity - reflection I always teach and encourage manifestation processes at my workshops and when I’m doing psychic readings. The one thing I repeat over and over again is “Make your intentions or your desires clear”. That sounds so simple doesn’t it?  Let me tell you about my latest experience and how stress can create havoc with the manifestation process.


I successfully sold my home, and was looking for a property that would double for a business and home and  had lots of the things I thought I wanted. I saw probably thirty or more houses, single stories, doubles, good land size, no land size, I felt so stressed as it became more and more confusing. Even though I had a list under my pillow, as I always have when I’m trying to manifest, it wasn’t happening.


I started to become ill due to the stress so I decided it was time to revisit my list and eliminate anything that wasn’t really important to me. Instead, I focused  on THE MOST IMPORTANT things I needed for my new business.

I wanted a space that was welcoming and atmospheric for my clients who come for psychic readings and destiny coaching. Areas that could be more business orientated for my NLP and Hypnosis clients and a space I could run some of my workshops from.  I had other aspects I hoped for: near a main road, with easy access, on  a corner, near a park (for extra parking options if needed).  This next bit sounds like a really tall order, but as a follower of numerology, I wanted a lucky number and a nice sounding street.  I also wanted an attractive alfresco area for coaching on nice days.  Most importantly I didn’t want to  have to spend every penny of the money I got from my previous house to buy it as the idea was to downscale.


I’m a bit greedy I know, remember I had a whole lot more on my list before I clarified what I wanted, truly wanted. So you can imagine the first list. No wonder the Universe couldn’t supply the order.

Three days after I changed my desires I signed for a house that included everything on my manifestation list…that’s right – everything…at a price that left me with enough money to buy a car for business, which was also on my list.

The most amazing part is the address, lucky no 8, Secret Garden Way,  what a great address for a psychic author, who’s novel’s main character lives opposite a secret garden. And yes, there is a garden just across the road from my new work/home space.

Happy Manifesting,


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