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Welcome to the colourful world of Arkrealm. Here you can learn everything there is to know about colour and earn your Arkrealm apprenticeship, just like Sandy Miller.  I’ve invited the  Arketykes to present each of the colour personality profiles, which will certainly  enhance your reading experience of all the books in The Arkrealm Project, especially when you start off with  Arkrealm the Apprentice. I, Dee, will be writing about all the other aspects of colour, including colour therapies, the affect of colour on our moods and health, and our relationships and how we interact with different colour personalities. Lastly I’ll leave it to the Arketykes to look at the role of colour in the celebrity world.

The rainbow is used as a portal between Arkrealm and Earth, but for you the colours of the rainbow can link your physical being, your soul and divine spirit.

Gain Access  To Akrealm’s Colour Portals Through The Links

Colour Therapy Portal

Hints about how to introduce colour healing  into your life.

Colour Personalities Portal

Here each of the Arkrealm characters will explain what makes their colour tick.

Relationship Portal

Gain an understanding of why we choose the people in our lives, why others choose us and why some don’t. Understand why relationships fail.

Take Action Portal

When your soul pulls you towards a colour it is trying to give you a message. Take a look at possible messages according to colours you are drawn to.

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