Apprentice Help

When we learn something new we become an apprentice like Sandy Miller, in Arkrealm: the Apprentice.  This portal is available to anyone who is trying to understand the Soul-Ark Colour System and wanting  to use it in their life. Your questions along with the answers will be posted here so that others can have the benefit also. For those who don’t know, the Arkrealm symbol is a reminder that if you ask the right question you will get the right answer, so your questions are very welcome.

Think of this as a “Dear Dee,” type column, where I can use my psychic ability as well as the Soul-Ark System to give you answers.

The type of question you may like to ask:

  • What colour would be good to wear at this event if I want to present myself as ____?
  • I think I am a ______ personality what kind of energy would help me become more confident socially?
  • I am fighting with my partner, who I think may be a _______ personality, how can I help things improve?

If you aren’t yet at the stage where you know your personality type, then tell me a bit about yourself and I’ll work it out from there.  I use colour and names to access my psychic senses, so always include your first name and something to do with colour, even if it is just mentioning your current favourite colour. This helps me connect with you. To get in touch with me, please send me an email here.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you,


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