Relationship Portal

Looking at relationship dynamics and how to make them work for you

We’ve established that colour can change our emotional and physical state, but how does colour factor into our relationships? By now you should understand that each of us has a predominant colour personality but we can access all the different personalities within us. To do this the soul urges us to bring people into our lives that have the type of energy we need.

This energy may be needed for a lifetime, decades, years, months or just a day, but the people who cross our paths will all influence us in some way. The relationship portal is here to help you understand why you choose the people in your life, why they have chosen you, and why a relationship works or doesn’t work. You will discover tools that will help you improve your relationships.

Let’s begin the journey to relationship enlightenment.

The relationship portal encourages you to follow your intuition in relationships. Gain the tools to listen to your soul’s yearnings, not your body or mind’s cravings.

Choosing our relationships

Magnetic Attraction

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