Choosing Our Relationships

A Decision That Can Affect Our Whole Life

Of all the hundreds, perhaps thousands of decisions, we make in our lifetime, probably the hardest decisions are the ones involving other people—our relationships. Who we choose to have in our life can be the difference between a life that is colourful and inspiring, or one that is stagnate and unremarkable. Our relationships include those with romantic partners, family, friends, teachers and mentors, even the celebrities we follow.

Relationships are probably our strongest learning curve. It is a path tread by every human and one of eternal curiosity.

How we make decisions is done at three levels: an intuitive decision, a logical and calculated decision, or a non-decision where we allow others to decide for us. I thought for this first week we’d look at these decision options.

The Intuitive Decision

Our soul will always urge us towards people with the type of energy that will inspire us, challenge us and help us grow. It is like a magnet, an unexplainable pull that has no logical explanation, but just feels right. Sometimes our intuition also guides us to people that we can inspire and help grow.

The Logical and Calculated Decision

At this level we override our intuition, making decisions based on the facts we are aware of, but of course we don’t always know all the facts. This level is driven by the ego, what will make us look good in others’ eyes, what will give us the most gains at a material level and sometimes even how much control we will have in the relationship.

The Non-decision

The worst way we make decisions is by allowing others to make decisions for us. To allow friends, family or anyone else to decide who we have in our life is a mistake, unless of course it is for safety reasons. Sometimes we are worn down by persistent personalities and give in to starting or continuing a relationship, even against our better judgement. There is no surer path to physical illness than this emotionally draining way of making decisions.

The goal of Colour Central is to have you making more decisions at an intuitive level.

So listen to your heart and I’ll catch you next time.


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