What is Magnetic Attraction?

Sometimes an attraction is so strong it has your head spinning.

You think love, your soul thinks growth.

We often talk about magnetic attraction, but do we really understand it? Firstly, this kind of attraction happens because we are drawn to the energy of a person, not their looks,  not even their personality.  We often mistakenly call  these romantic figures our  ‘soul mates’. This wrong thinking can create our own destruction when a relationships fails. After all, if you have lost your soul mate, what’s the point of going on with life, it will never be the same. Yarda! Yarda! Yarda!

I’m going to set you straight here. Your soul looks for the mate with the energy that is most beneficial to you at any particular time. This means of course that as your energy changes, or your partner’s energy changes, they may no longer be useful to your soul. You fight to save the relationship, you struggle, you agonize over the possible loss, but you know what, if the soul doesn’t need that person’s energy anymore it will keep prodding you to move on. All the soul wants is for you to be surrounded by people who have the type of energy which will create growth in you.  That’s why you are here on this planet, to learn, experience and grow.

Each of us has a dominant colour personality, but we have the capacity to take on any colour personality we want. We do this by learning from those around us. I’m going to use the characters from Arkrealm The Apprentice as examples.

Violet personality Sandy Miller is shy and clumsy, she dreams of dating Ridge Elliot, who is a red personality. Ridge is vibrant and always surrounded by his mates, who hang on his every word. He is passionate, determined and very physical.  Sandy’s soul knows that she needs some red energy to give her confidence, so she feels that magnetic attraction to Ridge.  You may think, well that’s perfect. Ah! But every colour personality union can have two outcomes – a positive or a negative. Let’s look at the possibilities here. If Sandy observes the traits she likes in Ridge and learns how to incorporate his confidence  into her own personality then things will work out well for Sandy.  However, it could also end in disaster. If she allows Ridge to dominate her, to make her feel guilty, or feel insignificant around him, then this is the worst possible relationship.

Ridge’s red personality  makes him competitive. Circumstances and Sandy’s shyness have made dating her a challenge, creating a  magnetic attraction for him. Does he really want her though, or is it just the challenge his soul seeks. Or perhaps his soul is attracted to her quiet and caring nature, which could help cool his temperament. Maybe he wants someone he can rescue or mentor? If Sandy provides the stimulus his soul seeks their relationship will flourish, but of course any number of things could change their personality dynamics and create conflict.

Right about now you may be thinking, OMG, this relationship stuff is all too complicated,  but seriously it’s not.  It may also seem like all relationships are doomed to fail, because the soul is constantly searching. This is also untrue. Relationships should never be stagnant, if you are both growing in some way, and I don’t mean getting fatter, then you should be happy together your whole life.  We gain the results our soul seeks from all our relationships; our teachers/mentors, friends, family and even our favourite celebrities. We take a pinch of this and a pinch of that and end up with our own unique personality.

Attraction can be so strong at times that we feel powerless to fight it.
This kind of magnetic attraction is a message from your soul.



I hope the following points will give you guidance for starting a relationship and relieve some of the pain when a relationship ends.

1/ Listen to your intuition, not your friends or the nasty girl at school who is  baiting you. Follow your soul’s magnetic attractions.

2/ Look for someone who inspires you.  Write a list of what it is that is so magnetic about them and try and learn how to add some of their traits into to your personality.

3/ If you start to feel worse about yourself while you are with them, get out quick.

4/ Sometimes we may be tempted to cheat because a different energy has drawn us in.  You can  learn from others’ energies without becoming romantically involved.

5/ If the relationship ends, don’t go into meltdown, be grateful for what you gained from the relationship, but start to think about the type of energy you need in your life now. Don’t keep going back to the failed relationship, it will never, ever, turn around. One, or perhaps both of you needs a new colour personality in their life.

By making use of these five suggestions, the fear that we all have about our relationships starts to disappear. Eventually you will be happy to go where your soul and the Universe takes you.

Happy soul searching,


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