The Colour Personality Portal

The Arkrealm Journey Links Personality Types to Colours

Welcome to the colour personality portal. Here  we have a rotating shift where each of the  Arketykes, from Arkrealm the Apprentice,  take turns to explain the traits of their colour personality. There are nine personality types in total. So be sure not to miss one.

Included with each colour personality profile is a picture of the Arkrealm leader who represents that colour. These aren’t the official Arkrealm graphics, which will appear in the workbook, coming out soon. I created these pictures, solely for the purpose of helping me to connect with the characters when I write, they were never intended for public viewing. However, I thought they may also help those reading Arkrealm The Apprentice to have a more visual idea of the characters too.

By learning the different colour personalities you will gain clarity about all your personal  interactions and hopefully you will connect even more strongly with the characters from Arkrealm The Apprentice, just like I did.

Enjoy the journey,


The Red Personality

The Orange Personality

The Yellow Personality

The Green Personality

The Blue Personality

The Indigo Personality

The Violet Personality


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