The Blue Personality

Whyce is Arkrealm's blue leader. He is one of the European representatives and he is from England. His arkside is a bottle-nosed dolphin. His environmental focus is on the protection of all aquatic species, he also focuses on the preservation of  coral reefs and the melting of polar ice caps due to global warming.

Whyce is Arkrealm’s blue leader. He is one of the European representatives and he is from England. His arkside is a bottle-nosed dolphin. His environmental focus is on the protection of all aquatic species, he also focuses on the preservation of coral reefs and the melting of polar ice caps due to global warming.

Hello there, I’m Whyce, Arkrealm’s blue leader, and it’s such a pleasure to be here to talk about the blue personality. It is important for the blues to nurture their communication skills and personal expression. Blue is connected to the chakra (energy centre) relating to the throat. We are going to look at the three levels of the blue personality and you will see that communication plays an important part in their emotional balance.


  • Loving, nurturing and supportive of others, aka the rescuer personality
  • Activities which have a natural flow appeal to them, like music, water sports, snow sports and the arts
  • They make wonderful nurses, councilors, parents, teachers, social workers, or working towards worthy causes
  • Their calmness has the ability to put others at ease
  • They can be very popular and definitely likeable because they attend to others’ needs, so those around them keep them close.
  • In balance they are wonderful at expressing their emotions
  • Blues have powerful intuition and connect with Universal Energy easily
  • If they believe in something blues can be brilliant promoters
  • Material wealth does not hold a lot of power for blues, but love on the other hand is like a pot of gold to them
  • They are able to keep a balance of giving and taking in their life
  • Are exceptional hosts or hostesses
  • Serious in nature the blues may laugh at a joke, but rarely be the one telling the joke.

Of course with all personalities there are always challenges.


  • Can become frustrated when others don’t take their sound advice
  • Can over-commit and then feel overwhelmed
  • May be fanatical about what they believe and become judgmental of others
  • Let their emotions rule and become unapproachable
  • Can be so sure they know best they become manipulative
  • Are great givers, but terrible at allowing others to reciprocate–they don’t need help
  • Can be constantly searching for truth and never settled, they may swap religions often
  • Begin to over analyse every situation, and make more of an issue than necessary
  • Become overly serious and forget the fun side of life
  • Sexually, they focus on their partner to the detriment of their own enjoyment

Blues are more likely to become under-energized than over-energized, and when this happens they will have more physical ailments.


  • Depression is a key component here. Blues often doubt their self-worth This is why they are constantly trying to help others because it makes them feel worthy
  • If they need help from others they become riddled with guilt
  • They become so unselfish they allow themselves to become doormats
  • Worrying so much about what others will think can create difficulties expressing themselves
  • Blues can become overly shy because they don’t want others to judge them
  • Under-energized they are very self-critical and feel they are never good enough
  • They never feel they are loved enough, they need more
  • Everyone’s problems become a constant burden to them
  • Blues often become over dramatic, feeling the victim or martyr
  • Under-energized blues apologize for even the smallest mistake
  • They have difficulty letting go and forgetting old hurts
  • Sexuality can be a difficult part of their life, they can’t perceive their own beauty
  • Exercise becomes limited when a blue becomes out of balance
  • Physically not having enough blue energy will create problems with the throat, lungs, breasts, reproductive area and obesity

There are two blue characters in Arkrealm The Apprentice. Do you see them as balanced, over-active or under-active?


A balanced blue should trust their intuition with what colour they need from day to day. You can use the action colours in the Arkrealm Attitude

workbook to choose daily co


An over-energized blue needs to introduce orange or gold to help bring them back to a more physical place; this will help reduce the mental and emotional overload.

An under-energized blue needs to bring more blue and turquoise into their life. For anyone struggling to express themselves turquoise is a good choice.

Check the Colour Therapy Portal for some simple healing tips for the blue personality.

If you are connected to a blue personality it is useful to know how to relate to them.

Showing how grateful you are for their help will put you at the top of their list of favourite people. Don’t feel guilty about blues helping you, this is what drives them. Be appreciative and show your emotional connection to them. Rather than tell them you wish to help them, surprise them so that they don’t have the opportunity to talk you out of it. Blues often feel they are not worthy of your help. Their desire to assist can be controlling so be aware of this and set your limits. Realize that a blue needs emotional connection, if you can’t give them that don’t waste their time, because if the relationship fails they will struggle to get over it and may not forgive you. It will be unlikely you can remain friends.

For more information about how relationships between the colour personalities work check the relationship portal.

I hope you enjoyed this colour personality profile. If I don’t get a request for a particular personality we will have Solarzay, take you through the yellow personality next week.



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