The Green Personality


Yarmour is Arkrealm’s green leader, who originated from France. His arkside is the European Mink, oh so cute. His environmental focus is protecting the forests.


I am Arkrealm’s Green leader, Yarmour, and I am thrilled to be here explaining the green personality traits.  Of course I have a soft spot for green personalities as I am a green personality myself. The wonderful thing about being green is that we have great organization skills, we are avid learners and usually achieve anything we set our mind to. Others often look at us with great admiration, however although we strive to be our best we can over step the mark and become too much of a perfectionist. This is sad because then we don’t get to appreciate what we have achieved.

As with all the colour personalities there are three levels to the green personality, so join me now as we analyze the pros and cons of being green.

Balanced Greens Are:

  • Always organized and efficient, creating admiration from others.
  • Calm, well-spoken and  good leaders, particularly when it comes to delegating jobs.
  • Able to keep focused on their goals and achieve almost anything.
  • Constantly furthering their education or abilities to put towards their dreams.
  • The movers and shakers when it comes to motivating others.
  • Able to take control of most situations.
  • The types who engage with others and ask a lot of questions.
  • Excellent advisers because they are able to bring facts together to understand the big picture.
  • The types who hold very high standards.
  • Often motivated by the thought of gaining others’ respect.
  • Very intelligent and make excellent managers, particularly in the finance field.
  • Also magical sales people because when a green tells you something it is believable.
  • Excellent producers, fundraisers and entrepreneurs.
  • Very powerful and admirable personalities.
  • The types who pride their appearance, but in a non arrogant way.

Over-Energized Greens Are:

  • Stubborn, and they can’t stand to be wrong.
  • Ardent list makers, who become obsessed with achieving everything written down.
  • Very hard task masters if they are in charge.
  • Controlling. If they feel out of control all hell can break loose.
  • Not good at taking orders.
  • Inclined to overstretch themselves.
  • So determined that they become overly competitive.
  • Often judgmental and come across as  arrogant.
  • Inclined to have overly high expectations of their children.
  • Sometimes intimidating to others.

Under-Energized Greens Are:

  • Fearful of failure, so often put blame on others.
  • Constantly jumping from one course to another;  they never feel they know enough.
  • Always trying to prove their worth to others.
  • Very judgmental of themselves, so  they never get to appreciate the gifts they have.
  • Inclined towards perfectionism and feel frustrated because they can never reach it.
  • Often feel bitter, resentful and frustrated because they can’t get what they want.
  • Honest, but don’t filter what they say so can come across as mean.
  • Often obsessed by the need for money, as it proves their value.
  • Inclined to spend too much time in their head analyzing, but not acting.

Colour Therapies

Every colour personality can be assisted by colour therapy, so let us take a look at what a green personality can use to enhance their life.  Once you have the colours to work with you can head to the Colour Therapy Portal for more hints about how to use those colours.

The Balance Green: can use any colour they are attracted to for healing purposes. Choose the colour related to the type of energy you want in your life, (find this at the colour therapy portal too).

The Over-Energized Green: needs to include some red in their life. Red helps ground you and brings balance to an over-active mind because it is linked to the physical body. Red and green work nicely together in healing.  If you tend to like a green with a blue tinge the colour to work with for healing is magenta.

The Under-Energized Green: needs more green to bring them back to balance or perhaps turquoise or teal if they are feeling a lack of freedom.

Getting the Best from a Green Personality.

If you are connected to a green personality it is helpful to know how to relate to them.

It is a waste of time arguing with a green personality, you won’t win. The only way to get around something you disagree on is to nod appreciatively and then ask them what they think about your idea and opinion, make them feel you value their opinion and you can perhaps wangle them around to your thinking. Make the most of the green’s organizational skills, try not to feel threatened by them, it is their skill, but you have your skills too.  Use the time they have freed up for you to focus on what you are good at.  Encourage them and support their goals, but don’t feel that you are expected to be a huge part of their dreams, greens can be happy running their own race. If you hate balancing the accounts hand them over to the green personality, they will delve into it with vigour.  Sometimes greens can seem a little self-absorbed, usually it is just a case of being focused  and having tunnel vision. The best way to get their attention is to show your respect for them. If they become a little distant as parents encourage them to spend time with their children teaching valuable skills of life, of which the green have many.  If you have a green parent who expects a lot tell them you will always try your very best and that’s all you can do, if that doesn’t get them to back off then block your ears.

If you are a green personality lucky you, just make sure you stay in balance and you will go a long way in life. Just remember nobody is perfect, so don’t judge yourself every time things don’t go to plan. Failures are our greatest lessons and remember greens love to learn.

I’ll be around the personality portal for a couple of weeks, tell your friends to check out my page. Next time  I think the exotic indigo leader, Vanysh will be gracing the Colour Personality Portal.

Au Reviour,




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