The Indigo Personality


Arkrealm’s indigo leader, Vanysh, is from Brazil. Her environmental focus is to protect bird species, particularly endangered ones. Her superpower is the ability to make things vanish.


My name is Vanysh and I am the Indigo leader. What a pleasure it is to share the traits of the indigo personality. I’m not the only indigo personality in Arkrealm The Apprentice, but I’m going to leave the other identity a mystery because indigo is all about the mysteries of life. Indigos sense things that others often think don’t exist.

There are three levels in each colour personality—a balanced personality, which is the goal we hope to reach by learning all this information, the over-energized and the under-energized personality.

Balanced Indigos are

  • Intuitive and are often able to detect light energies: auras, spirits, angels etc.
  • Honest, forthright and trusting.
  • Extremely inquisitive.
  • Connected to the environment and wildlife.
  • Artistic and creative and do well in careers like writing, design and artistry.
  • Comfortable spending time alone—meditation helps keep them balanced.
  • Able to ignore others’ judgemental opinions of their eccentricities.
  • Very independent and won’t be moulded by anybody.
  • Always authentic; they won’t get involved with anything they don’t have 100% belief in.
  • Able to sense others’ emotions and empathize with them.
  • Quiet and sometimes appear aloof, but it is just their nature to be observant.
  • Vivid dreamers and interested in decoding the hidden messages in their dreams.
  • Great leaders because their inner knowing comes across as intelligent and influential.

Of course as with all personality types there are challenges.

Over-Energized Indigos are:

  • Often seen as being eccentric, or psychologically imbalanced.
  • Sensitive to food and chemicals, which creates allergy like symptoms.
  • Inclined to absorb others’ emotions, which creates confusion.
  • More likely to get involved with drugs and alcohol in an attempt to quieten their inner voice.
  • Stubborn and not willing to consider others’ opinions or ideas.
  • Self-Righteous because they feel they are always right.
  • Often over-whelmed by the light energies that attach to them.
  •  Not co-ordinated, they struggle to connect with their physical body.
  • Overly selective, this can create problems finding a mate.

Under-Energized Indigos are:

  • Unable to find time for themselves, they over commit their time in their search for answers.
  • Mentally confused because they don’t understand that their connections to energies are the reason for their illness or emotional upheaval.
  • Fragile and sensitive.
  • Unable to function if they allow someone to influence them and make them do something they don’t believe in, this causes depression and in extreme cases self-destructive behaviour.
  • Inclined to feel like they don’t fit in.
  • Often isolated and unable to communicate effectively.
  • Seen as dreamers that do not take action.
  • In a constant struggle unless they meditate, pray or do whatever helps them connect to their higher power.

Unfortunately, the thing that can make indigos brilliant, their connection to spirit, is also the part of their personality that can isolate them from others. They are often misunderstood and seen as eccentric, so they spend a lot of time alone.

Colour Therapy:

If you think you are a fairly balanced indigo then trust your daily colour choices to help you progress through life.

If you feel that you are an over-energized indigo, you need to bring some yellow or gold into your life. These colours connect to the physical and will help ground you. Yellow is a wonderful colour for mental clarity so it will clear away those foggy heads that sometimes come with an overabundance of spiritual connection.

If you are an under-energized indigo, you need to add more indigo into your life with a sprinkling of yellow, to offset any depression you may be feeling. Indigo will help you decode your dream messages and connect you to your higher self. Yellow helps keep you connected to your physical body.

Check the Colour Therapy Portal for some simple healing tips for the indigo personality.

Getting the Most from an Indigo Personality.

If you are connected to an indigo personality it is useful to know how to relate to them. You have to understand that they are highly sensitive. They will feel your tension, anxiety or anger and it will affect them physically or mentally. In relationships trust is the most important thing to them, they are completely monogamous and need you to be the same. For the indigo personality a sexual act is more of a connection of souls, rather than a connection physically. You have to be able to allow the indigo to be who they are, if you try and remould them you will create depression and resistance that will make them pull away and you won’t get them back. They will be faithful to you as a partner or friend, but they definitely need their space so do not crowd them.

You may find their know-it-all attitude annoying at times, but they do have a connection with a higher source that most personalities would be envious of, if they could understand it. Their keenness to analyse their dreams may seem trivial to you, but for them it is an important process that helps them progress, be supportive. If an indigo offers you advise listen carefully, it may not seem right at the time, but somewhere down the track you will find that they were right, they have uncanny foresight. If an indigo is clumsy or unco-ordinated it is ill advised to try and push them to be better physically, it’s not likely to happen.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the indigo personality. If you get to read Arkrealm The Apprentice, look out for the other indigo character in the story. Next time, it will be Master Clarity’s time to join us as he takes us through the very rare white personality.





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