The Orange Personality

Meet  the Adventurous and Creative Orange


Arkrealm’s orange leader, Replikye, hales from Africa. His arkside is the endangered Diana Monkey. His environmental focus is to ensure that endangered species survive. Replikye’s power is the ability to replicate things, including himself.


Hi All,

I’m Replikye and I am Arkrealm’s orange leader. I am sizzling with excitement about sharing the secrets of the very individual orange personality. Of course  those who have read Arkrealm The Apprentice would know that I share this colour with one of Sandy Miller’s good friends, Mel. We are both creative, but we are almost at opposite ends of the orange character scale.

There are three levels in each colour personality: a balanced personality, which is the goal we hope to achieve, the over-energized, and the under-energized personality. So let’s just swing into the personality profiles right now.

The Balanced Orange Personalities Are:

  • Not afraid to show their individuality, but do it in a non-rebellious way
  • Able to create productive strategies to meet their next goal
  • The types who would risk their life to save another
  • Very physical in their approach to life
  • Are quirky in their creative abilities, coming up with unique ideas
  • Often loners, who enjoy a sense of freedom so they can trek a path of discovery
  • Thrill seekers with a determined attitude that gets them places
  • Not the types to try to gain approval from others, but do strive for self approval
  • Fun for children to be around, but they don’t necessary want the responsibility of raising children
  • Great personalities for adrenaline driven jobs; rescue workers, race car drivers, skydivers, deep sea divers
  • Also suitable for investigative jobs done outdoors; detective, private investigator, explorer, travel guide
  • Very creative, but cannot be stuck at a desk.  Pursuits like party planners or physical activity directors would suit them.
  • Often humorous, fun-loving and adventurous

Or course as with all personality types there are challenges

The Over-Energized Orange Personalities Are:

  • Inclined to want to prove their individuality to the point of being rebellious and ending up in trouble
  • Able to plot a strategy, but can’t stick around long enough to make it work
  • So fearless they take stupid risks, which can mean regular injuries
  • The types to be so full on in a physical activity they don’t consider the danger or the harm they may cause others
  • Forever coming up with crazy, unique ideas, but it’s like an endless sea of unfulfilled promises
  • Not very thoughtful when it comes to their loved ones concerns about their devil may care attitude
  • So competitive with themselves that they miss the bigger picture
  • Inclined to get a bit rough when around children and don’t realize their own strength
  • Sometimes judgmental of others’ fears

The Under-Energized Oranges Personalities Are:

  • Afraid to show their natural, quirky individuality because they fear rejection
  • Have so many ideas in their head, but can’t seem to construct a plan
  • Adventurous at heart, but their fears are holding them back
  • Inclined to pull away from those around them and feel ostracized because they are different
  • Unable to find their place in the world because they have a very unique place that they won’t accept

Generally it is more likely that an orange personality will be over-energized, rather than under-energized, it’s just the nature of the beast. Check the colour therapy tips below to help bring balance to an orange personality and help them get the best from their lives.

Colour Therapy.

If you think you are an orange personality you should use your daily colour choices and check some of the healing links below. If you want to do an immediate colour choice using the Soul-Ark Colour System you can use this Youtube video link. The Daily Action Colours

For those who feel they are an over-energized orange you need to bring more blue or turquoise into your life, but always be sure to have some orange in your life also. Check out these gemstone tips. Crystal and Gemstone Therapy

If you are under-energized it’s time to remember to bring orange into your life. You can use the above link or try this one.

Daily Colour Therapy


Getting the Most from a Orange Personality

If you have a connection to an orange personality it is very useful to know how to relate to them. Firstly, you must understand that they like a sense of freedom, exploration and change, don’t pressure them or they will pull away. If you truly want to be with this person be certain that you are willing either to allow them their adventurous outlets or be willing to join them. Don’t put down any ideas they have that may seem outrageous, they have the capabilities to be pioneers, don’t suffocate them. Don’t be surprised if they wake up one day and decide to leave you to go trekking on the Kokoda trail, it’s never personal, it’s just their need to explore. Orange personalities can be exciting, fun and inspirational so enjoy and accept this and you will create a great union.

I hope you enjoyed  learning about the orange personality. I think we’re fun and once people understand us they’ll think we’re awesome. Next week you’ll get to meet the alluring indigo leader, Vanysh.

Have fun,







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