The Red Personality


I’m Blayze and I’m excited to introduce you to the first colour personality, in the Soul-Ark Colour System. Reds are so passionate in all aspects of their life, so they are a great starting point. Of course I’m biased because I’m Arkrealm’s red leader.

There are three levels in each colour personality—a balanced personality, an over-energized or under-energized personality.

Is the Australasian representation for Arkrealm. His arkside is Australia’s frill-necked lizard and his superpower is the ability to create fire.

The Balanced Red:

  • Is passionate, energetic and courageous
  • Works well in physical type of work and hobbies.
  • They make good rescuers like fire-fighters, military or police. They also do well with mechanical, or hands on careers like building or farming
  • Reds can be very inspiring, particularly in a physical arena like a sports trainer or dance coach
  • They work hard to attain material comfort
  • Reds are upfront with how they feel and show their emotions
  • Their humour is usually dry and they may stir other’s in a good-natured way
  • Reds are often popular because their confidence draws others in
  • Working on new projects stimulates them—reds love a challenge
  • Physical attraction is important to them and they are sexual beings

Of course with all personalities there are always challenges.

The Over-energized Red:

  • Can be explosive emotionally and aggressive
  • Ridiculously competitive and hard to be around
  • Jealous of other’s achievements or possessions
  • Hyperactive, over-excitable & unfocused
  • Unfaithful as partners, because they are looking for the next new challenge
  • Their humour can be sarcastic and confronting
  • They may seem mean to others
  • Manipulative and controlling
  • They can suck up other people’s energy and be exhausting

Reds are less likely to be under-energized, but if this happens it can throw them into a spin because it’s so far removed from their nature and often physical illness follows.

The Under-energized Red:

  • Can be uncharacteristically lazy and hard to motivate
  • Frustrated emotionally and depressed
  • Negative and judgemental—both of themselves and others
  • No humour, everything becomes a battle for survival

There are several red personalities in Arkrealm the Apprentice, can you work out who is over-energized, balanced or under-energized.

Colour Therapy:

A balanced red should trust their intuition with what colour they need from day to day.

An over-energized red should ensure they include green, turquoise and blue to help calm them.

And an under-energized red needs to bring more red into their life.

Check the Colour Therapy Portal for some simple healing tips for the red personality.

Getting the Most from a Red Personality

If you are connected to a red personality it useful to know how to relate to them.

Reds appreciate compliments about their physique or material possessions. Don’t let them know if you are competing with them. Walk away if they become angry or emotional and certainly don’t confront them. Get inspiration from them, but don’t allow them to overpower you. For more information about how relationships between the colour personalities work check the relationship portal.

I hope you enjoyed this colour personality profile. I believe next week you’ll get to meet the blue leader, Whyce.



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