The Violet Personality

Meet The Psychic and Sensitive Violet

Arkrealm’s violet leader, Magnifay, is from Alaska. Her arkside is the grey wolf and her environmental focus is protecting Earth’s natural resources. Her superpower is the ability to magnify and reshape natural objects like crystals.


My name is Magnifay and I am Arkrealm’s violet leader. It’s great to be here explaining all the attributes of a violet personality. Of course those of you who have read Arkrealm the Apprentice would know that Sandy Miller is a violet personality. So let’s see what drives Sandy and every other violet personality.

There are three levels in each colour personality—a balanced personality, which is the goal we hope to reach by learning all this information.  the over-energized and the under-energized personality. So let’s take a look.

The Balanced Violet:

  • Very intuitive, often successful as psychics
  • Dynamic characters that are inspiring and charismatic
  • Keen to see improvements in their community or the planet
  • Often involved with environmental or community causes
  • Their sensitivity to others’ energies make them excellent councillors and successful in any career that helps others
  • They make great public figures because of their dedication to their passions
  • Their intense connection to their feelings and emotions make them excellent artists, writers, musicians, actors or any performance arena
  • They are often seen as visionaries because they can imagine future possibilities that others would never contemplate
  • When they trust their instincts violets can be true messengers of Divine Spirit
  • Feels a sense of freedom in being totally different and isn’t concerned about fitting in, Violets will create a world where others have to fit in with them
  • There is almost a magic about how Violets are able to manifest their dreams
  • A violet is able to see boundless possibilities and can even see the positives in life’s greatest challenges
  • They find joy in helping others create a better life for themselves
  • A violet can often sense or see energies; like auras and spirits
  • Is able to understand the balance of giving and receiving

Of course as with all personality types there are challenges.

The Over-Energized Violet

  • Others may see these violets as eccentric
  • Becomes overly sensitive. Food and chemical sensitivities can become a problem
  • They become emotionally unstable, moody or nervy
  • They often have an over-active imagination, perhaps even thought of as schizophrenic
  • May come across as arrogant because they are so certain that they know everything
  • Their strong persona can create a dictator-like personality
  • They can become addicted to the high of spiritual connection and this can also create  earth bound addictions, which give them a false sense of divine connection. This can include drugs, alcohol or even sex.
  • They become frustrated when others don’t take their advice

The Under-Energized Violet

  • Feels confused and disorientated
  • Has trouble separating real from fantasy
  • Spends a lot of time day-dreaming but rarely acts on their dreams
  • Because they become joyless the under-energized violet can attract the darker side of spiritual contact
  • Can become suicidal because they feel they don’t fit in. It’s as if they don’t belong in this world
  • Overly shy, unable to express their feelings
  • Burden themselves with guilt and are unforgiving, particularly of themselves
  • Have trouble letting go of old patterns and behaviours, which prevents them moving forward towards natural balance
  • Sleep a lot, dream a lot, and do very little physical activity, they choose to escape to the world of spirit rather than live the physical life they are here to experience
  • Have a total lack of humour, everything is deadly serious
  • Have a lot of fears, because they sense things they don’t understand and of course what’s worse is that others don’t understand

As you can see, although the violet personality can be magical it can be a trial for them living in the physical world. Conditions such as autism are often seen in violet personalities.

Colour Therapy:

If you think you are a fairly balanced violet then trust your daily colour choices to help you progress through life.

For those who feel they may be an over-energized violet, you need to bring some yellow or gold into your life. These colours connect to the physical and will help ground you. Yellow is a wonderful colour for mental clarity so it will clear away those foggy heads that sometimes come with an overabundance of spiritual connection.

For the under energized violet, you need to add more violet to your life with a sprinkling of yellow, to offset any depression you may be feeling. The violet is used to help you trust your spiritual connection, but you need yellow to keep you balanced.

Check the Colour Therapy Portal for some simple healing tips for the violet personality.

Getting the Most from a Violet Personality

If you are connected to a violet personality it is useful to know how to relate to them. You have to understand that they are highly sensitive. Your tension, anxiety or anger will radiate through them like daggers. Of course they feel love just as powerfully. This can be magic for relationships, but betrayal hits the violet hard. You have to accept the quirky violets for who they are, if you can’t then move on. Changing them will make them feel frustrated; they have a definite path that needs to be followed. Encourage them and add in a few suggestions. They will sense the ones that will fit into their vision and accept them freely, but you have to give the violet time to absorb the information. They often process things in their dreams. So don’t be surprised if they wake up, suddenly prepared to go with your suggestion; the one they weren’t prepared to accept the day before. Be patient, the violet will do what’s best for everyone in the end, it is what drives them.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the violet personality. Poor Sandy Miller starts off as an under-energized violet, but finds her balance in the end. I hope you find yours. Next week you’ll get to meet the adventurous orange leader, Replikye.




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