The Yellow Personality

Solarzay is Arkrealm’s yellow leader. She comes from India and her arkside is the Bengal Tiger. Her environmental focus is on alternative and environmentally friendly energy sources. My superpower is creating solar energy.

Hello (Namaste),

I am Arkrealm’s yellow leader, Solorzay, and it is an honour to be here speaking to you about my colour personality—yellow. What a wonderful colour, so bright and exuberant, and that’s exactly what we yellows are like. Yellows shine like the sun, especially in social situations. We love to have fun, we are usually comfortable being the centre of attention and when we learn anything, as long as we find the lesson entertaining, we soak up knowledge like a sponge soaks up water.

Yellow/Gold is actually the colour of wisdom. It may seem like we don’t take anything very serious, but deep down we are seeking spiritual connection. We may even appear commitment phobic, but it’s more about us needing to experience as much as we can in life. Settling down to us could kill our curious and explorative nature.

Now let’s look at the three levels of the yellow personality and how it affects us.

The Balanced Yellow

  • Sociable, fun-loving and full of energy
  • Inspiring and able to encourage others to share their interests,
  • Able to focus on what they are studying providing the subject entertains them
  • Intuitive, particularly in areas focusing on touch, they feel messages in their gut
  • Careers involved with creativity: writing, art, music, acting or dance.
  • Healing careers: doctors, massage therapist, alternative therapies or nutritionist
  • Teaching of creative media or personal development, but they need creative freedom
  • Working with their hands can bring them great pleasure
  • Yellows can prove wonderful public speakers who are inspirational
  • Work well in physical careers or hobbies
  • Great in hospitality: waiters, waitresses or event planners
  • Their lightheartedness can make yellows impressive comedians
  • Yellows express their emotions easily
  • Love to play, so dogs can become their best friends
  • Aware of their sensuality and are playfully flirtatious

The Over-Energized Yellow

  • Can become addicted to the things in life they love: exercise, food, substance or people. They want more of whatever makes them feel good
  • Too much yellow makes them hyperactive, and they jump from one activity to another and sometimes one partner to another. They become very fidgety.
  • Yellows can become controlling as they are confident in their gut feelings and can’t accept that others don’t take their advice
  • They don’t cope well mixing with others who have a heavy, depressed energy, in this situation yellows will plan an immediate escape
  • Too much yellow creates impatience and a lack of control
  • Loving a challenge they often pursue unavailable mates
  • Often rebellious


The Under-Energized Yellow

  • Can become depressed and frustrated
  • May suddenly withdraw from social activities
  • Commit to something they regret and then have feelings of being trapped
  • May seem irresponsible, thoughtless and uncharacteristically lazy
  • Can’t stand being told what to do
  • Becomes jealous of others getting attention.


Colour Therapies

The balanced Yellow can use any colour they are attracted to for healing purposes. Take a look in the colour therapy portal for more details.

For over-energized yellows, using blue or indigo will balance out the strength of the yellow, bring a feeling of calm, and return balance to the yellow’s natural intuition.

The under-energized yellow, of course needs to surround themselves with lots of yellow until they get back to their usual bright, cheerful self.

Getting the best from a yellow personality

If you are connected with a yellow personality it is helpful to know how to relate to them.

Don’t push a yellow to commit; they have to arrive there at their own pace. Yellows are not personalities that can be worn down—they will just pull away. There is a saying �?Jack of all trades, master of none’; this saying does not apply to yellows. They beat to their own drum and will find their niche among all th

eir activities. Just encourage them to enjoy whatever they do. This is particularly important with children. If a yellow personality gives you advice tell them that you appreciate their ideas and will consider them. This will appease them.

I’ll be around for the next week, if you have any questions. Next week Magnifay, the violet leader, will be taking over.



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