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It is here you can discover the magic of colour healing. We will look at the different methods, how colour therapy works and the best ways to use colour. I will keep each section as simple as possible rather than bombard you with too much information all at once. If you have any questions please feel free to write them in the comments sections.

Before we get to work let’s look at how colour fits into the whole Arkrealm theme.

The seven rainbow colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet  are represented by an Arketyke, an environmental superhero, in the first novel, Arkrealm the Apprentice. There is also a magenta and white leader.

The speed an object vibrates at creates the colours we see.

Every colour has a vibration, red is the slowest vibration and if you go through the colours in order the vibration increases with violet being the fastest vibration. We are affected by vibration in every aspect of our life without realizing. The slower the vibration the closer the connection is to our physical body, our connection to Earth and also material objects in our world. The higher the vibration the closer it is to spiritual connection and Universal energy.

In the Arkrealm series we also have the colour magenta and white. Magenta is a wonderful colour, which is a blend of red and violet, bringing the two ends of the rainbow together. If you look at the two sides of a rainbow it is like there is a magenta line arced across them.

White encompasses all of the colours, it can be represented as clear, like a crystal, giving off all the colours, or opaque white, which still contains all the colours, but we can’t visually perceive them. White is a reflective agent.

Black—although I don’t include a specific black character in the first book, black plays an integral part of the Soul-Ark Colour System. Black absorbs all colours and then wipes them out. Think of a black hole in space sucking everything in.

So now you have a very general idea of the colours let’s get to work.



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