Colourful New Year Resolutions

Bring a splash of colour to your New Year resolutionsHappy New Year Arkrealm

We randomly choose colours to wear every day, but is this really a random occurrence? Not at all! Our colour choices are messages from our intuition about what we need to bring into our life. If we wear the colours we are drawn to it assists us to move forward. Our soul actually senses the colour that is best for us  every day, but often we override the magnetic attraction to colour with logic.  Sometimes it’s to fit in with dress regulations at work or school,  but other times it’s because our mind is filled with programmed notions. We think things like, “This black dress will make me look slimmer,” or “I can’t wear red or I’ll look like a hooker”, “Green is terrible for my complexion’, are just a few excuses for not wearing colour I have heard over the years.  It’s all about perception, but your soul doesn’t care about perception it just knows what’s best for you energetically.

Then it comes to New Year we make our resolutions  and can’t fathom why we can’t make them stick. Well if you are stuck in the same pattern of colours you were in last year you’re going to find it difficult.  The funny thing is your soul has probably been nudging you to wear a different colour. I’ve created this neat little list of the colours your soul would push you towards to help you keep your resolutions.  So if lately you’ve noticed being drawn to one of the colours below it may be your soul’s attempt at  helping you to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.


  • Red – You have resolved to start a project you have been putting off for years, or you are going to start a regular exercise regime.
  • Orange -  You have resolved that you are going to take up a creative pursuit, or that you are going to overcome a fear.
  • Yellow/GoldYou have resolved to knuckle down on your studies, or you intend to eat more slowly and work on your diet.
  • Green - You have resolved to get yourself organized, or to bring more balance into your life.
  • Blue/Turquoise - You have resolved to brush up on your communication skills, or spend more time with the people you love, or de-stress.
  • Indigo - You have resolved to take up meditation or another form of relaxation technique, or perhaps you’ve decided to improve your leadership skills.
  • Violet -You have resolved to work with your intuition, or to make a conscious effort in regards to environmental improvement.
  • Magenta/pinkYou have resolved to finally put yourself out into the world, and to help others, or you want to be more emotionally open.
  • White You have resolved to create space in your life,  you may even be tossing up whether to leave a relationship.
  • Black  You are determined that others are not going to hurt you again this year, you want to take back your power.

If anything on the list resonates with you start using the colour you are drawn to. Please let me know if you have any light bulb moments from the list.

Enjoy colouring your week.




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