Creating Colourful Characters

Creating colourful charactersShort Story Writing

One of the hardest things to do in writing is to write a short story also known as flash fiction. Even if you have a journal full of ideas to choose from it’s the execution of the writing which can be difficult. Unlike writing a long assignment or a novel where you can go into every detail, in flash fiction you have to be very selective.

Give Your Stories Life With Great Characters

I use a trick that allows my stories to take on a life of their own. I get to know my characters and understand what drives them. Suddenly their attitudes carry the plot and I have to do very little to develop it at all. The characters run the story; I am just the typist.

Using Colour Personalities

I choose a colour personality for each of my characters, this gives them a clear definition and helps me to keep them on track. You can use this trick too. Find out more information about how my system works by checking out the Colour Personality Portal at The Arkrealm Project.

I also run writing workshops on how to create colourful characters which are great for young adults. If you are interesting in booking one for your club contact me.




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