Daily Colour Therapy


Every day our soul leads us to choose particular colours. This isn’t rocket science you know this already. Why we are choosing them or why we should choose certain colours is another question. Unfortunately, work or student requirements, to wear a uniform, often force us to override our natural instincts. At other times our intuition is overridden by logic. “This black dress will make me look slimmer,” or “I can’t wear red or I’ll look like a hooker”, are some of the logical arguments I have heard. It’s all about perception, but your soul doesn’t care about perception it just knows what’s best for you energetically.

This week I am going to give you a list of colours, which will help you with emotional challenges. It is great to wear them, but if you can’t bring some of the colour into your surroundings


  • Red if you’re feeling low, lacking passion or struggling to get a project up and running.
  • Orange if your fear is restricting you, you need to get creative, or take a risk.
  • Yellow if you need to study, but also to help you lighten up and have some fun.
  • Green to get organized, to create space in your life, or to be more open emotionally.
  • Blue for stress relief, more confidence with communications or to assist intuition.
  • Indigo if you are overwhelmed by life’s demands, or want to understand your dreams.
  • Violet to increase your intuition, spiritual connection and the confidence to be yourself.
  • Magenta to bring individual aspects into one project or to fire-up your creative boldness.
  • White for creating space in your life, readiness for a fresh start, or trusting the Universe.
  • Black for shielding against others’ negative energies, for creating an impression of power, or the need to retreat from life.

Try out these colours in coming weeks and let me know how you go. If you have questions about any colours not mentioned here feel free to ask.

Enjoy colouring in your week. Bye,



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