Dark Versus Light

dark vs light

What Do You Fear?

We all have fears and they can be crippling. For many it is the fear of death, or the loss of a loved one, for others it is a phobia, or it may be a fear of not being good enough. These fears can keep us bound; unable to move forward and succeed.

The Dreaded Darkness

Dreading the darker times in our life and worrying about them holds us back. Years ago I had what I  term an unnatural fear of losing loved ones. When my father was terminally ill I couldn’t imagine how I was going to cope. After his death I embraced my spirituality and soon found an understanding that helped me a lot.

The Precious Light

Think about a dark, moonless night, the stars seem so much brighter don’t they? During my spiritual journey I recognized that the darkest moments in my life were always followed by a glimmer of light. This glimmer would barely be recognized in my everyday life, but in contrast to the darkness it  was vibrant and made me take notice. This awareness encouraged me to make positive life changes following every dark moment.   This made my fear of the dark moments in life far less powerful and I faced them with the knowledge that on the other side there will always be light. Life is all about balance.

Know The Light Is On It’s Way

So when you are in a difficult place, just think about the balance of life. Be assured that at the end of a dark phase there will always be a ray of hope. When it shines through embrace it with all your heart.




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3 Responses for " Dark Versus Light "

  1. Heidi @ love each step Heidi @ love each step October 13th, 2013 at 11:25 am 1

    I have spent so much of my life giving into fear and not starting things or completing things because I am afraid of the unknown process and the possibility of failure. I am slowly learning to push through it, and it is very freeing! Thank you for these thoughts!

  2. Yvonne Yvonne October 13th, 2013 at 1:22 am 2

    Wow! Loved reading this! It resonates loudly in my life right now. My fears hold me captive. That captivity keeps me from moving forward at times. Still trying to find a good balance… Thanks for sharing!

  3. injaynesworld injaynesworld October 12th, 2013 at 12:25 pm 3

    Fear and faith cannot exist simultaneously. Choose faith. This has not always been an easy thing to do at the time, but I’ve found that by choosing to align myself with the great I AM that is the Universe on a daily basis, those moments of fear are much less likely to take hold.

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