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I have been writing for many years and I learn something new every day. Of course the writer’s journey has to start somewhere so I thought I’d give you a few tips to get you started.

This website is designed so that young adults are the co-creators. Obviously, I haven’t got enough time to read everyone’s full story, no editor has. So what’s required is for your story to stand out in a very short paragraph, a pitch of no more than 50 words.

Begin by outlining the details of your story, for example:

Dancing saved my life.

I was a shy, depressed teenager, but when I took up dancing it changed my life. My fantastic dance mentor  helped me see  the possibilities of what I could achieve. I became fitter, healthier and happier.  I made great friends and was no longer depressed. Dancing is a wonderful social activity that can help other struggling teenagers. While others my age were out drinking, smoking and using drugs I was dancing.

Including the title  I have a word count of 75, so I need to lose 25 words without losing the message of the content. It’s time for some re-arranging (editing).

Dancing Saved My Life: I was 15, bored, depressed, and confused, until my dance mentor highlighted what I was capable of. That changed my life. Suddenly, I had energy, fitness and tons of friends who weren’t into drinking, smoking or drugs. Dancing is awesome, all teens should try it.

My second draft now has 49 words, presto there’s my pitch. I will add it to the comments section at the bottom of the activity page.

This is a great exercise to improve your writing skills.Become a star Ya Hyp

Being a Feature Writer on the Blogroll.

If that was your story and readers liked it or I chose to feature it in the Blogroll then I will request a longer story of between 300-500 words, and a picture to go with it.

Further down the track if your story proves popular with visitors to the website you may be one of the writers to get a permanent link on one of the main pages, plus the option to add your personal web links.

I hope this article helps you get started,



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