Emotional Release 101

Emotions bottled

Emotions all relate to specific colours, which are listed on the above list.  To help release these negative emotions and support you in a positive way you need to use a complementary colour. This is the opposite colour to which the emotion relates to. In other words if you are filled with anger and are behaving with extreme aggression, the worst thing to do would be to surround yourself with red. You should surround yourself with  red’s complementary colour – green. Below is the list of complimentary colours relating to each emotion.  You can use colour for healing by using it in your clothing, adding it to your surroundings, projecting coloured light on your skin, or consuming food or drink of a certain colour.

List of Complementary Colours

Complementary colour for red = green

Complementary colour for orange = blue

Complementary colour for yellow/gold = violet/indigo

Complementary colour for green = red

Complementary colour for blue = orange

Complementary colour for indigo = gold

Complimentary colour for violet = yellow


Hop to it and un-bottle those negative emotions,


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