Family Unity in 2015

Sharing a mealThis is a crucial time to set your habits for the coming year.  One of these important rituals is mealtime.  So many families these days have fallen victim to modern technology. The meal is cooked, Dad’s in front of the computer, daughter is on her mobile, son is on the ipad etc, etc.


Don’t be like me, I was one of the statistics of failed communication within the family.  In my previous relationship I’d cook the dinner, deliver it to my partner at his computer and sit in front of the TV and eat mine. We hadn’t sat at a table for years, only if there were guests.  Like with many other families and partnerships the cracks begin to form. Lack of sharing over a meal became lack of sharing in other areas.  It has a flow on effect.


So please, listen to me NOW. If you want to forge a close family in 2015 start at the dinner table. Dedicate this time and space to sharing a meal made and served with love, not with necessity. Even preparing a meal that will be shared is more enjoyable than one that will disappear into another room.  Be thankful to the cook and show your appreciation, so that they enjoy their job and it is not a chore. Use the time after the meal to discuss the day.  Mealtime should be a time of connection.


So how have I progressed? Mealtime is a joy in my new household, my partner loves to cook, in fact he is amazing and he does it with so much love. I work alongside him, so we share the preparation. Of course sometimes I cook, other times I just lavish my partner with love while he’s cooking. After all, I think there’s nothing sexier than a man cooking with passion. Do you agree, ladies?  The kitchen is a zone of connection for us. After everything is prepared  we sit together, share the delights, and then enjoy a chat talking about our day.  Why not make your mealtimes fun, get the whole family involved and forge a very special connection in 2015.

Happy Mealtimes,


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