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WARNING: Don’t Overload your wardrobe with dark colors this winter. 

As Australia (and the Southern Hemisphere in general) moves into winter, everyone should be aware of the possibility of becoming a victim of SAD (Seasonal Affictive Disorder).  Winter is like the grim reaper of SAD. As the days get longer and we spend less time outdoors with less exposure to light, we are like sitting ducks on a SAD pond.   As its acronym says, SAD is a type of depression, which has had much speculation and controversy about the ultimate causes.   Just a quick fact about SAD before I add something else into the mix.

Women are Most Effected by SAD:

It is believed that between 60% and 90% of people with SAD are women and if you are between 15 and 55, you are even more likely to develop SAD.  For anyone who may know someone they think has SAD take a look at this link.  SAD

For those who want to avoid it consider this:  In Winter the fashion industry inundates us with dark and dull colors that match the weather.  We go to our wardrobes and pick out our black, brown, greys because we believe it is fashionable.  What if I told you that you are creating your own winter blues?

Dress to Express:

Rather than go with fashion traditions you would be far more productive, impressive and unique if you chose colors that expressed how you wanted to feel.  You can change your mood, just by changing your outfit.  Why would you want to feel grey on a grey day, wouldn’t it be better to feel fiery and passionate, by wearing red?  Or bright purple to get in touch with your spiritual side as you spend more time in doors.

Depression a Stepping Stone to Suicide:

I know it seems like a stretch, to get from fashion to suicide, but consider this: Someone who is seriously depressed and who constantly wears dark or gloomy colors will get deeper and deeper into their depression. It is rare that a joyful, passionate person will commit suicide, unless their external persona is hiding their internal feelings.  If you put on something bright and cheery it is far more difficult to feel depressed.  Add some positive posture and it is even more difficult.

Fashion Companies & Celebrities Should Pave the Way:

Depression and suicide are major concerns in today’s youth. This age bracket is very influential they take the lead from fashion houses and celebrities.  These two sectors of our communities have the perfect opportunity to change everyone’s winter moods by bringing out bright and poppy accessories and dress co-ordinates.  It’s about time fashion had a winter turn-around and we all had a  fresh approach to winter blues.  Who agrees?

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