Soar hot hair balloonFor me a hot air balloon symbolically represents freedom.  Once you release the chains, rope or anchor that’s holding it stationary it can fly to great heights and discover new vision.


The six day (FREE) intensive coaching program from Boxing Day until New Year’s Eve is about letting your soul soar to freedom. The main goal for this 6 days is to discover what  is holding you stationary and bound to your current situation. Once that’s done, I will show you how to let it go.


Once you free yourself from the chains that have held you back, the boundaries you have set for yourself, you will be able to see your future with  new vision. Of course you can’t imagine a completely new life when you are bound by the restrictions you or others have set. I don’t want to swamp you now, we’ll really dive headlong into the subject when we begin the 6 day adventure. I do want to give you some things to think about though, so below I have given some examples of goals and the chains that stop them from manifesting.  These chains are at an unconscious level, but even seeing some possibilities written down starts the sub-conscious chewing over the idea.

Negative thought pattern examplesSo what is it that is holding you back from reaching your goal or goals?  It’s amazing how many unproductive thoughts we have stored in our sub-conscious.

Let’s leave these thoughts and beliefs behind in 2014, make them part of our past and move forward totally free of them.


During the program we will get a whole lot deeper into your particular issues.  I just need your goal and if you have any idea of what might be holding you back, it will give us a head start. Remember these 6 days are my gift to you for being such a great follower this year.

Happy Pre-Xmas week,


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