Free Goal Coaching – New Year’s Resolutions

Free Coaching Boxing Day

I know it’s coming up to Christmas, but now is the time to prepare for the New Year.  I’ve got an amazing offer for you. Forget the Boxing Day sales this year, I’ve got something awesome for you to do on Boxing Day that will give you a gift far more valuable than any Christmas gift you receive.

A Stocking Full of Cheer:

Imagine you are given a Christmas stocking and told to fill it with your beliefs, hopes, dreams, fears, phobias and goals. At the top  you  put your New Year goals or resolutions, so that you can see them.   However, at the bottom, out of sight,  you have stuffed all the thoughts and patterns that will soon eat away at your New Year’s resolutions.  Unless, you unpack the old beliefs and fears before the New Year your goals will never eventuate. Not this year or any year.

Your New Year Resolutions:

Don’t wait until New Year to set your goals, Boxing Day is a brilliant time to begin unpacking the Christmas stocking.  Start with your goals writing them across the top of a  white board. Below each one set out some steps of  how you are going to achieve them. Beautiful, you have all your goals set out in front of you. What now? Look at each one and ask….”What will stand in my way of reaching this goal?” You are probably frowning about now. I’m sure you expected me to fill you full of positive ideas about moving forward. Unfortunately, to move forward you have to first move back.   That’s why we need this prep week prior to New Year.

Free Coaching Opportunity:

Remember all the negative stuff hidden in the bottom of your stocking, it has to come out before you can move forward. I want to help you reach your goals, so I will give you the opportunity to access my expert coaching from Boxing Day to New Year.  Each participant will state one thing that is standing in their way from reaching their goals in 2015.  I will continue to email them with questions and tasks via email until New Year. The first 40 to  complete the questions below will win the free coaching days. (No entries excepted before Boxing Day).

I believe life’s too short to be taking the slow track. I always have coaching to make sure I stay on  the race track to success. Sure I have the tools to coach myself, but it’s much quicker with help.  Imagine how amazing 2015 could be for you with my help.

What is Your Top Goal for 2015?

Take time to think about it, then from Boxing Day until New Year you can apply for the free coaching week by writing  your top goal and the one thing you think is standing in your way of achieving it.

I’m excited about working with you,



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