Green – Taking Action

Your Soul Wants Greentaking Action with Gree

Green is like a magnet to you lately. It may even seem odd because green is not one of your top colours, but right now it has pulling power. Believe it or not your soul is trying its best to prompt you to take action. So let’s look at the possibilities of what a message to increase the amount of green in your life can mean when it comes to taking action. Choose the message you feel is most relevant to you and work with it.

The energy of green represents balance, organization & growth:

  • You are out of balance – this may be a balance between work and play, or mental and physical. You need to increase the aspect that is lacking
  • It is time to get organized, clear your space, make room for new growth – you have become stagnant
  • Green also represents natural order – there are things you are destined to do, but something or someone is holding you back
  • The heart chakra, which is the energy system representing emotion is green – you may need the soothing energy of green to support you emotionally
  • Connect with nature. A walk in the fresh air can bring perspective  to even the most complicated issue
  • You need to look at your finances and get back on track – make sure your accounts are balanced

Using Green to Take Action

To assist you to take action on one of the above introduce the energy of green  by what you wear, or through your surroundings. Also spend time with people who have green  energies to inspire you, see The Green Personality. Add plenty of greens to your diet for good health.

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