Have You Been Attracted to Violet Lately?

purple agate

Magical Violet

Violet and purple are your latest fad, these colours call to you,

It’s like everywhere you go you are drawn to them it’s true,

You don’t know why it’s happened, but you’d like to understand,

So here at The Arkrealm Project you’ll get a helping hand.


The violet ray does tell you that your intuition is calling out,

Take note of synchronicities, those repeated themes that shout,

Listen to the Universe as it guides you to your fate,

But ignore the daily signals and your progress will be late.


Embracing your creative flair boosts intuition all the more,

Time that’s spent in stillness helps you feel it at your core,

Embrace the magical violet and your life will change, it’s true,

The questions you often think will be answered just for you.

Dee Rayson


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