Welcome to Young Adult Hyperspace

This is a new web universe where young adults are invited to create the website they have always wanted. This space is dedicated to helping members reach their potential and manifest their dreams.   YA members are invited to become part of the continuous development of this site, sharing content that is relevant to young adults around the world.

Strap yourself in and get ready to navigate around this young adult hyperspace where you are co-creator.Become a star Ya Hyp

Here’s What to Do if You Want To Become One of the Featured Writers.

Go to any page that you feel you could contribute to. Leave a short outline of your story in the comments section (no more than 50 words, including your title). Sign off with your name (at least your first name) and your age.

If I see a story that looks inspiring I will enter it into the  blog space as a featured article. You can check recent blogs in the sidebar or search by categories. More categories will be added as stories come in. The stories that have the most views over time will have the privilege of having a permanent link set up on one of the main pages. You will also have the option of including any web links you wish to add, like your Facebook or Twitter account.

Don’t be disappointed if your story doesn’t appear right away. Comments that receive a lot of feedback will of course get first preference as that indicates the readers are interested. Also it may be that your story will fit better at a later date, if it coincides with an event date, etc.

This May Be the First Step to Becoming an Inspiring Writer: Good Luck.

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