Hidden Messages in Color Choices

Color ChoicesChoice – quick glance or insight:

For those in a hurry scroll half way down to see the possible messages of your color choices.  If you have a minute, read below so that you can find out why we make the color choices we do.

What’s the go with color choices?

Have you ever wondered why you’re suddenly attracted to a certain color?  Out of the blue, when your absolute favorite color is green, you’re constantly being drawn to red, in fact you almost feel like turfing out all of your green stuff.  Perhaps you’re thinking:

  • I’m going nuts
  • I’m having a midlife crisis
  • I obviously  need  a change

Although the answer is closest to the third option, it goes much deeper than that.

What drives us?

When you were born your soul had one main purpose; to guide you towards your destiny.  For the disbelievers who can’t get their head around the whole soul’s mission concept, then think of it this way: sub-consciously you know what is best for you, the path that will make you the happiest.  So whether you understand it as your soul nudging you or your unconscious it is all the same.

Now we’ve got that straightened out, let’s get  to the point. The easiest way for your soul/unconscious to guide you towards your next action is to encourage your color choices. In Destiny Colorscopes these are called action colors.   Each color has a particular vibrational energy. That is a scientific fact. I could give you a whole spiel about the science behind color analysis, but I’m guessing all you care about right now is finding out what the colors you’re currently drawn to mean.

Colour Themes:

Every time you are drawn to a color there is a message hidden within your choice.  There are general themes for each of the colors.  So I thought the easiest way to start you off would be to give you a list of the possible messages in your color choices.  If you do find this interesting, be sure to read right to the end, where you will have the opportunity to get a more personalized understanding.

The Hidden Messsage in Colour Choices – Basic Theme

Red (inc: scarlet,  burgandy, maroon, plum)
  • Start a project, get physical, show your passion, new beginnings, be courageous & confident about using your personal power, be a leader.
Orange (inc: peach, apricot, coral, flamingo, salmon)
  • Be adventurous, trust your instincts, be spontaneous & creative,
    embrace your uniqueness, take a risk, strengthen relationships.
Yellow (inc: gold, canary, pastel-lemon)
  • Be social, celebrate, be willing to laugh at yourself, enjoy learning,
    inspire others, spoil yourself, no time to be shy-shine like the sun.
Green (inc: emerald, lime, mint, olive, kharki)
  • Organization time, build a foundation, eat healthy, plan a budget
    weed out the unecessary, be disciplined, tackle details, create space.
Blue (inc: sky, turquoise, aqua, electric, azure, cyan)
  • Need for freedom, time for a change, time for a vacation,
    improve communication skills , don’t over commit, go with the flow.
Indigo (inc: navy, royal, cobalt, dark blue)
  • Listen to your intuition, keep a dream journal, host a home party,
    others admire you-inspire them, time for inner reflection.
Violet (inc: purple, lavender, lilac, mauve, wine)
  • Listen to your intuition, don’t force things, relax the mind, have fun,
    spend time in nature, alone time needed, study a passion.
Magenta (inc: hot pink, baby pink, purple-pink, rose)
  • Finish a project, share love-don’t hold back, help others,
    time to clear-keep what’s relevant and let go of all else.
Brown (inc: tan, chocolate, beige)
  • Look at your budget, lay groundwork for a new project but don’t start yet,
    pay bills, re-access financial security, read contracts carefully, be aware of security.
Black (inc: silver, grey)
  • Show your power, be determined, don’t allow others to manipulate
    your choices, trust your instincts, reflect on new ideas-don’t act yet.
White (inc: crystal, bone, off-white , cream) also if you are noticing a lot of rainbows
  • Consider how you can make changes for the greater good, success is on the way, big project ahead, be sure to balance mind, body & spirit, you are an inspiration right now.

Launch of Destiny Colorscopes:

In just a few short weeks you will have the opportunity to have a Destiny Colorscope each week. These readings are a combination of numerology and your color choice for that day.  So although they are something akin to horoscope it is much more personal. If that interests you be sure to go to the homepage and sign up to receive future blog posts so you can be one of the first to experience this unique style of reading.  You won’t just get the overall theme you will get a direct message, personalized to you.

Bye for now,


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