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  • Home Portal:  The exciting YA novel Arkrealm The Apprentice has proven popular with all ages.   Be intrigued as the human characters and  the  Arketykes (a race of environmental superheroes) come together. As teenager Sandy Miller struggles to balance the challenge of first love and her role as Arkrealm’s first human apprentice you will discover the amazing concept of colour personality profiling. Take this understanding of relationships into your own life and see amazing changes take place.
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  • Bio Portal: Learn about Dee’s background and what the Arkrealm Project can do to affect your biography in the future.
  • Books Portal: A detailed description of Arkrealm The Apprentice and the books coming soon.
  • Blog Portal: Here you’ll find a diverse list of blogs featuring self-development, discussing themes from Arkrealm The Apprentice, environmental blogs, writing blogs and more.
  • Colour Portal: Find everything about colour you ever wanted to know: how it affects us daily, how to use it therapeutically, explanations about the different colour personalities featuring the Arketykes from Arkrealm the Apprentice, a relationships section and how our colour personality affects all our relationships, and we even take a look at celebrities.
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  • Reviews See all the latest reviews for Akrealm The Apprentice.

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