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Hot and Steamy ProseWords Creating Visual Images   

Sometimes a minimalistic approach is the best way to inject an image into a reader’s mind. This small piece was written for a 100 word contribution for a magazine some time ago.

Perspiration trickled down Jade Tucker’s neck, and trailed between her breasts. Her heart was beating so hard it felt like the droplets would bounce off. As she struggled for breathe she recalled her friend’s warning that the first time could be difficult, but Jade had not expected this. She shifted her weight against the leather cushioning behind her, trying to get a comfortable position.

Finally she shook her head. “I don’t think I’m ready for this.”

Mitch eased Jade’s legs wider. “Just a little wider and you’re there.”

Jade groaned. “Michelle Cain, you said gym may be difficult, not torture.’

Just in case you’ve been left disappointed check out this hot and steamy video.



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