Have you ever looked at your friends or foes with envy and wished you could be as popular as they are?  I certainly did, I admired my best friends so much that it made me feel like one of the ugly step-sisters in Cinderella.  I’d look in the mirror and see all my faults and nothing else.  If someone gave me a compliment I would think one of three things:

  1. They were making fun of me
  2. They were trying to make me feel better by twisting the truth
  3. Or they wanted something – needed help I mean, not that they wanted me

I have coached a lot of teenagers in my time and adults as well who have these same negative thoughts tumbling around their head, creating constant disharmony and disappointment for them.  Before I tell you about a really cool tool that will change all your relationships I want you to consider this.

Mirror impressions quote


I promised you a great tool. I have to tell you though once you or your teenager uses this there will be a transformation and you may not even recognize yourself or them.  When  I used this all my self-doubt disappeared, I was no longer focusing on the things I lacked. It’s so easy.  You will understand it just by reading an exciting, exhilarating and inspirational novel. Amazingly,  you will recall every aspect of this tool easily and effortlessly.



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Now, it is a proven fact that the attention span for reading articles is very low so I’ve attached a link  directly to the book, if you are in a hurry to transform your life.

For those who need more convincing, have a read of this: THE TOOL TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL

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