How to Create Flash Fiction

The Tips and Tricks of Flash Fiction

It may seem impossible to write a story in 700 hundred words or less, but actually it’s one of the best ways to improve your overall writing. It’s even more relevant in this day of micro-messaging.  It’s not like the old days where people wrote  long letters, these days everything’s an abbreviation. However, that doesn’t mean you have to lose all your writing finese. Instead, I’m encouraging you to use this opportunity to tighten and enhance your writing and submit a story. See the FF page for more details.

Flash Fiction - Ya HyperspaceHow to Create Your Flash Fiction

  • Choose your storyline OR go through the next steps to help your story idea form
  • Limit your characters to 2, no more than 3, jot down their details.  Focus  on their personalities rather than their looks. It is personality that drives a story.
  • Decide on an emotional feel for your story – this is important; the story may be short, but you want your reader invested. Are you focusing on grief, fear, anger, confusion humour, happiness, excitment etc.
  • What kind of story is it? Do you want it to be humourous, romantic, fantasy, or relatable to a certain age group?
  • Use short lines of dialogue to bring out details about your character and story
  • Decide on a setting and only include relevant description details that set up the story
  • Create your first draft
  • Too many words? Go back and eliminate anything that doesn’t have an absolutely necessary role in the story, either to show characterization or set up the plot
  • Look at ways to write the same thing, but with less words
  • Leave your story for a few days and then come back and review it again
  • Submit it to Y.A. Hyperspace Flash Fiction

Writing Workshops

I run writing workshops for clubs, groups and schools where I teach how to create colourful characters. I usually use character creation as my starting point for any story, whether it be flash fiction or a novel. The unique qualities of each character help the story to take shape and carry it along.

A Sample of Flash Fiction

Here you can find a sample of setting up a 700 word Flash Fiction, the finished piece and the reasons for every word in the story.

Happy Writing,


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