All about Arkralm

Arkrealm is a hive of activity, click on any of the links below to access the Arkrealm email service. There you can request information on any of the link subjects below.  Naturally, to get the most out of anything in The Arkrealm Project it’s best to read Arkrealm The Apprentice,  so you understand how everything fits it.  Buy Now    untitled

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As a member you will be the first to learn about any new books, products, competitions, workshops or freebies associated with the  Arkrealm Project. This link takes you directly to the Join page. Change the subject title depending on what it’s for: competition, freebie offer etc, or if it’s your first visit leave it at ‘I want to join’.

Young Adult Hyperspace Story Submissions

If you have been asked to submit your story you’ve already made an impression, so let’s ramp up the voltage with a full blog with photos or other media – All about YOU. Click on the link above for direct email service.

Eleven Questions – Submissions

Is it your time to be in the spotlight? Do you have an inspirational program or body of work? Be interviewed at The Arkrealm Project and let us spread the word.

Raising funds for schools

The Arkrealm Project for Schools is designed to inspire young adults to take part in creating a better future, both for the environment and the community as a whole. Schools can apply  to sell The Arkrealm Project books and products, to raise funds for environmental projects or youth development programs for their school. This will also put them in the running for a prize in the competition that is run as part of The Arkrealm Project. Annual prizes will be awarded for the school which raises the most funds, (as a percentage compared to students). The most unique project will also win a prize. The student who puts forward the idea for the most creative fund raising project will have a character named after them in a future Arkrealm novel.


The Arkrealm Project is looking for corporate and government sponsorship to be used as prizes, to be given directly to schools and communities who take part in the fund-raising. This way we can create several categories so that it will encourage more involvement, and improve the world we live in.

Share your story

The Arkrealm Project hopes to cover many environmental concerns and teenage difficulties. If you have a story, which you feel the public should be aware of, or is unusual or even funny, please email it and it will be considered as a possible subplot for future novels.


Would you like Dee Rayson to run a workshop or speak at your club or school? No two workshops are the same, Dee customizes each session to fit each individual  club or school, once they tell her what they want  their members to achieve. The workshops can be about self-development, through finding  out who you truly are, via colour personality profiling, or you can have a workshop on manifesting your dreams. Dee also does talks for schools about embracing who you are, trusting your intuition and being true to yourself. Writing workshops are also available where Dee explores the creative process of writing, and how to use your own qualities to make the process work for you.   Workshops focusing on finding out your colour personality, where your passions lie, and how to bring them into your future are very enlightening and tons of fun. Inquire via the workshop link above. I’m sorry at this time these are only available in Australia, but Dee is hoping to extend worldwide. Also she is investigating doing online workshops, if you have any advice on this, please email.

The Soul-Ark Colour System Data Base

Dee has been collecting data for the Soul-Ark Colour System,  featured in the Arkrealm workbooks, for more than twelve years. You can help her to continue refining the system. Tell her which colour character you identified with in the novel Arkrealm The Apprentice.  Did  they represent one of your favourite colours? What is your favourite colour? Do you have any insight about yourself, which may be interesting for future novels. What pushes your buttons? What are your pet hates? Dee loves to hear from young adults and hear about their life experience. Dee quotes,  ‘Life is a never ending learning experience and my readers are my teachers, just as my dance pupils were my teachers when I was the co-principal at one of Australia’s largest dance centres.


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