Let Go and Prosper

let go and prosperSomeone recently asked me why I chose to become a Let Go and Prosper Coach.

My answer: I have realized through my own life and also coaching others that making a decision about how to move forward is stressful, confusing and confronting. We circle around possibilities, but the one thing we neglect to do is consider what will happen if we just let go of  our past beliefs or anything that holds us back.

Let go of any of the the following and you will make an amazing life shift.

  • Relationships that stop you from growing or progressing
  • Material objects that are keeping you tied to a current situation
  • Limiting beliefs of what you can or can’t achieve
  • Beliefs based on other peoples’ opinions
  • Keeping a strangle hold on something you start that’s just not working
  • Sticking with a career, which prevents you from using your full skill-set
  • Fears and phobias

No body can prosper when they are bound by negative beliefs, behaviours or situations.

I love to see people progressing and succeeding in their lives. It’s exciting working as a Let Go and Prosper Coach, and watching clients bloom as they let go of everything that holds them back. I’m particularly interested in working with young adults confused about what direction to take. Secondly, my interest lies with those whose family are grown and they are searching for a new direction for their own life.

I can relate to how hard it is to let go of things, I’ve let go of so many things I never thought I could and always came out better for it. I’ll tell you more about that another time.

If you feel that you have more to give life or perhaps life has more to give you, then contact me and we can set up some coaching sessions to help you to  just….




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