Life’s Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang of natureThere is Always  Balance in Nature and Life

I have been blessed to live in the lucky country of Australia all my life, but as with everything  you have to accept the bad along with the good. Australia is a country of beautiful sandy beaches, wondrous mountains, and amazing natural icons like Uluru. But Australia is also known for its treacherous bush fires, cyclones and floods. Another cyclone is heading towards Western Australia as we speak. There are still fires blazing in the east.

But this is how it is in life, you have to take the bad with the good. Once  you except this fact it’s easier to work through your fears. The biggest hurdle for many of us is the fear of what may happen in the future.

Lifestyle: Mother Nature’s forces can be frightening, but if we all allowed our fears to cripple us, there  would be nobody living in  higher risk areas. It would be sad if these beautiful areas were isolated and the rest of the world didn’t have an opportunity to experience them.

Relationships: This same concept applies to our relationships. If we are too afraid to form a new relationship because of the fear of being hurt, then you miss out on all the wondrous possibilities.  I’d rather live a life of hundreds of blissful moments, and a few hurtful ones, then live a life of misery, hoping for that perfect mate. Until Mr or Mrs Perfect comes along try out different personality types  and you will start to attract the right one for you.  How does that work? Knowing exactly what you want sometimes comes from knowing what you don’t want first.  If you allow fear to prevent you from moving forward  you may be on your own for a long time.

Careers: We all have skills, but most of us don’t get the full benefit of them. Why? Because we fear we are not good enough. Blow that! Have a go. It doesn’t really matter if you are successful this time. If you fail  get back on your surfboard (we are in Australia after all) and try again. Every failure brings important experience.

I hope the Arkrealm Project can inspire its followers to ignore their fears and explore everything available to them. As the outback Aussies say, “Have a go, mate”. In  Arkrealm The Apprentice Sandy Miller has to face the terrors of Mother Nature’s force, but she also experiences the beauty.  You can read more about the novel here. 

Enjoy life’s Yin and Yang,


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