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Arkrealm’s Gift to You

Now that you have become an Arkrealm follower you will always have the opportunity to get  monthly insight about how you are progressing in your life journey. Of course if you have read Arkrealm the Apprentice you would know how relevant the number 11 is to Arkrealm. Actually, the number 11 is a master number for everyone and relates to personal transformation, which is the whole reason for having a Lifescript Reading.

Whether it  is your first reading or a follow up it doesn’t matter, the 11th of every month is Arkrealm  gift day. The first eleven followers to request a reading will be gifted a mini-reading for that month.  Each month you will be asked to do something different to access your free reading. This is so that we have a fair exchange of energy and you are giving to the Arkrealm Project in return. This may be to  like a facebook page or write a comment somewhere. Each month will be different, the request may focus on facebook, or twitter or youtube or the website. That way everyone will have the opportunity for a free reading.

Read some of the responses from readings last month below.

Wow. Fantastic Dee. You are spot on. Thanks so much. Very timely too as I just got back from a course which touched upon and addressed all of this stuff. You have just packaged it up nicely for me. …Wendy

Thank you, Dee. I actually hadn’t thought about the expectations I have with female connections and I guess I do feel disappointed when they don’t live up to my high ideals. I have recently just begun to clear out my junk, but have had a recent hiatus. This reading is just the kick up the butt I need. I’m not sure about the meditation, I’ve never meditated. I feel a sense of relaxation when I go for a walk in nature does that count? Can you give me some tips on meditation?… Chadston

Wow, your readings are spot on….all of it is true..thanks..xo…Sheree

Amazing that is all i can say!!! thank you dee so much xx…Russ

Wow Dee this  is amazing and the whole thing is so accurate! It has really inspired me and has been a great start to my day so thank you so much I loved the whole thing x…Rebecca

Wow truly amazing Dee!!! You’re tapping into your souls potential. As for meditation that’s exactly what I do, sometime I run a meditation Service & have been told on numerous occasions to do more of this! …Kristie

To see the full readings go to this link and scroll down and read the comments section under the Soul-Ark graphic.

I hope to connect with you on the 11th of January,



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