Our Real-Life Environmental Superheroes

The Future of Environmental Activism           

Arkrealm: The Apprentice’s storyline is about a group of environmental superheroes called Arketykes. The novel is designed to encourage young adults to be active in their communities and to be forward thinking when it comes to environmental activism. So I thought I would start featuring some true life superheroes when it comes to environmental activism.

Miranda Gibson.

Miranda has Australia’s longest running tree sit record, and as negotiations so far have proven unsuccessful her efforts to save the forest could continue indefinitely. This is a true sign of an environmental superheroe. Miranda has called her home ‘The Observer Tree’ since the 14th of December, 2011. Miranda’s upper canopy home is a tree under imminent threat, in a forest due to be logged any day now.

The tree top platform is fully equipped with the technology to communicate to the world. This website  http://observertree.org/about/  features Miranda’s daily blog about life in a tree sit, commentary on the state of the forest negotiations, updates on flora and fauna monitoring and video footage from the tree sit. Miranda is trying to get 1,000 facebook likes before the end of November so please help out.

Miranda intends to stay even if the logging continues. She will live stream the traumatic process of forest destruction that is usually hidden from public view and expose the archaic logging processes, so that there will be global awareness of what really goes on.

If you know a story of environmental activism, which I can feature please click on the share your story link here: http://wp.me/P2Ozt5-q  and be sure to add any links that I can add to enhance the story. Or you can tweet me. Tell your friends to join in and pass the word about our real life superheroes.

The Arkrealm Project is getting ready to encourage schools to use the Arkrealm book series as a way of beginning school or community fund-raising  that focuses on the environment or general community improvements. Once we have a few schools on board it will be easier to source sponsors so that we can have annual prizes for the highest fund-raisers and most unique ideas. If you think your school or community might be interested send an email through by clicking on the School fund raising link here: http://wp.me/P2Ozt5-q

Until next time, keep being green,



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2 Responses for " Our Real-Life Environmental Superheroes "

  1. drayson drayson November 19th, 2012 at 9:04 am 1

    Thanks TK. Will do.

  2. Tee Kay Tee Kay November 19th, 2012 at 7:20 am 2

    Nice of you to post about my friend Miranda.

    If you use Twitter you might ask your followers to help get Miranda 1000 followers by the end of November (She currently has 755). You can follow her at @observertree1



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