Passion is Wealth

PassionThe True Meaning of Wealth.

Ask a thousand people what their definition of wealth is and they will give you a different answer. For some it is owning their home outright, others may think you’re not wealthy unless you own a business, perhaps a company. Others think that the wealthy would be world travelers. I have a different view of wealth.

True wealth to me is found in the joy of sharing one’s passion. 

Regardless, of what you are passionate about, the fire in the belly that drives you to achieve is also the fire that will inspire others. Inspiring people is the greatest creator of wealth, both emotionally and monetary. What is advertising if it’s not to inspire consumers to buy and find passion for the products being promoted.

Passion Simmers Within Us.

We are born with the seeds of passion buried within us. Individuals who feed their passion have the best opportunity to create wealth in their life.  Sometimes the thing holding us back is the fact we’re not recognizing our passion.  So here’s a quick quiz to help discover your passion and put you on the road to spiritual wealth, which often leads to material wealth in the future. There may be several answers for each question. If you are struggling with relationship confusion your answers may be in the form of a person’s name.

1/ Name at least one thing, activity or person that you would feel lost without?

2/ What makes you feel alive, challenged, excited or inspired?

3/ Name three people who impress you and why.

4/ When was the last time you felt excited or inspired and why.

5/ What have you always wanted to do but never been game to try or had time to do?

6/ If you had no restrictions what would you like to be doing?

Take a look at your answers and find the re-occurring theme. Hopefully you’ve found your spark of passion. Now it’s time to make sure you set it alight.   If you’re already on the right path then add some fuel and get that passion blazing. Happiness will surely await you.

I wish you every success,


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