Rocking The Festive Season

rock the festive seasonFestive Personalities

As the festive season gets into full swing the warm coloured personalities take the spotlight. They are the red, orange and yellow personalities, who can show us all how to have a good time. Unlike the cooler personalities (Cools), who are quieter and often hold back, when it comes to festivities the (Warms) the warmer coloured personalities get right in there and have a ball.

Warm Vs Cool

The Cools often envy the flamboyance and care-free nature of the Warms and wish they had their confidence. The Warms will be the ones up dancing, working the room, or sharing drinks with friends and new acquaintances alike-enviable right-and they do it with such flair.

Shhhh! I’ve Got Their Secret

Don’t tell anyone, but you can be just as care-free even if you are the coolest blue personality, or the most controlled green personality on the block. Try out some of the tips below and see how you fare at your next party.

  • Make sure your outfit includes a warm colour, even if it is a red tie with a black suit. The warm colours include: red, orange, yellow or magenta (hot pink).
  • An hour before imagine yourself working the room, making the effort to ask people questions-you will always be popular if you show interest in others.
  • Before walking into the room take a deep breath and imagine soaking up the warm colour you feel most attuned to.
  • Be prepared to laugh at yourself, let go of the need to be perfect and relax. If you look like you are having a good time others will envy you just the way you envy them.

Let me know how you go at your next party, I’m sure you’ll rock it.

If you are interested in reading a short story about a cool personality using these warming techniques take a look at this link.

Happy Festive Season,





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One Response for " Rocking The Festive Season "

  1. My Inner Chick My Inner Chick November 10th, 2013 at 11:26 am 1

    Very Interesting.

    My hope is that I am a cool chick w/ a warm personality! Xx

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