Scrambled Eggs Anyone?


Your soul has all the answers you need. It tries to give you direction by pushing you towards certain colours. Listen to your intuition and respond by bringing those colours into your life.

The Answer to Scrambled Thoughts

There are times when I think my head is  like scrambled eggs. It contains tons of wonderful  ingredients  but everything’s mixed up and I can no longer see the individual ingredients clearly.  When this happens I turn to colour to bring me clarity, because I know that my soul will always guide me towards the colours I need.

Don’t you ever suddenly feel attracted to particular colours. Green has never been one of my favourite colours, but in recent months I have been drawn to it constantly. Green is the colour of balance and it’s my soul’s way of reminding me to keep balance in my life. When I listen to my intuition and wear green, decorate with green or use green healing tools I am inspired to clear my clutter. However, when I forget to keep green around, my head and surroundings become scrambled once again. I have so many projects going at the moment so I decided to clarify my colour messages again to keep me on track. I thought I’d share my list with you. If you feel suddenly drawn to a particular colour there can be an important message for you, coming directly from your soul.

RED: It’s time to begin a new project. Find what you are passionate about and work on it? Tie up all loose ends so you can start a fresh.

ORANGE: It’s time to get creative. Be brave don’t try and fit in, send your ideas into the world and don’t hold back.

YELLOW: It’s time to have some fun. You are getting too bogged down by work. Get out and socialize, talking to people will bring new insights and remind you of something important you need to do.

GREEN: You need balance in your life. Clear the clutter, organize your diary and make time for yourself, not just others and work.

BLUE: You need to express yourself, either verbally or artistically. It’s time to relax the reins holding back your emotions. Let go of the need to please, be who you are and don’t worry about what others’ think of you.

TURQUOISE: The same as blue, but you need more flexibility. Be prepared to change direction if need be, don’t feel it’s a failure to change your mind.

INDIGO: You need to go within and have some alone time. Don’t let life swamp you. Listen to the messages in your dreams and intuition.

VIOLET: Listen to your intuition. Go with your gut. Don’t be too logical, things aren’t always as they seem. Be a listener, get a sense of those around you.

MAGENTA: It’s time to bring your life experiences together to form a project. Define what is important to you and get rid of the rest.

WHITE: You are feeling overwhelmed and need space. Clear any clutter, plan a direction and don’t be pulled into others’ burdens.

BLACK: You need some time to process. Allow yourself some quiet thinking time to make decisions, away from others’ influences, but don’t allow the black period to go on too long or it can cause depression.

BROWN: It’s time to become grounded. You have so many ideas you are feeling spaced out. Allow the colour of the earth to bring you back down to earth. Focus on your immediate needs and get any niggling projects taken care of before moving on.

GREY: It’s time to sit on the fence for a while and wait for the right time. Don’t rush into anything just yet, you will know when the time is right.

Just following these simple tips can help you get back on track. Remember, your soul knows exactly what you need. You pick up your soul’s messages intuitively  by the colours you are drawn to. Use this magnetic attraction to make the most of your life. With the New Year pending it’s the perfect time to get back on track.

Bye for now,


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