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As a dancer, teacher and writer I have learned one important thing; if you want to be successful at anything you have to be passionate. I have lived my life following my passions and have found nothing but joy. Regardless of whether things end up exactly as you dreamed, or a mutation of your dream, the most fulfilling part is the journey.

For me a passion is something you would be crushed to be without. For many years I dedicated my life to dance with unwavering dedication. I shared my love of dance with thousands of pupils.

Writing Passionately

Our lives are like chapters in a book and often the storyline takes us in a new direction. I had always enjoyed the way writing uncovered feelings and truths. Then I discovered that others related to my writing and got something from it.  Writing then became my new passion.

Young Adult Hyperspace

I created Young Adult Hyperspace so that others can share whatever their passion is through writing. I know from experience that when you write about something you are passionate about the page oozes with feeling. The reader senses your emotional connection and is influence by it. Marketing strategists may say write to the demand, the trend, but I’d say the first thing to do is to find YOUR voice, YOUR passion, YOUR essence. Once that’s activated the joy of writing will enable you to write about anything.

Being Published

Take a look at the pages for suggestions about what you can write about.  Submit an article and it may end up published on the website. If you are not an experienced writer your writing may need some polishing – where possible suggestions will be given to improve your piece. Remember what I said, it’s the journey that is the most important part, being published is just the icing on the cake.

Happy Writing,


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